Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Power of a Success Link

There's a new concept that's become all the rage at Beachbody which was developed in our network marketing think-tank on the 7th floor: The "Success Link"

As you know, I got to hang out with our seventeen 2007 Top Coaches and runners-up in Hawaii a few weeks ago. It was a blast, and it only made us all look forward to topping it in Mexico next year. From what I hear, that's what the Coach goal is: "Get to Mexico," and that objective is now tied to creating Success Links.

This Top Coach contest is geared to keep the business opportunity on point: Helping people get accountable to their healthy lifestyle more than simply recruiting new coaches. In this case, helping people get accountable means, helping someone you coach create at least one "active" coach to whom they are accountable. You - to them - to their downline... Three "active status" coaches in a row, equals one "Success Link".

The premise here is that, in order to help people succeed with their decision to become a coach and live a healthy active lifestyle, they need to be accountable to more than just their upline coach. They need to be accountable to someone downline, to whom they said "I am going to get serious about fitness and nutrition, and I will do this with you."

The upside to the coach is, the more success links you have, the more accountable YOU are to stay with your program, and in turn, the more people you are helping. It's not so easy to quit when you tell someone you are in it for the long haul. THAT'S accountability to a healthy lifestyle! That's the point of a Success Link.

Each month we will take a snap shot of how many new Success Links were created. There will be as many as 20 winners each month, with cash prizes ranging from $100 to $2,000, and the leader will be named Top Coach. All Top Coaches from April through December will be invited to join us for the fiesta-filled event in Mexico! Each Top Coach will be featured in a video segment on the Team Beachbody™ Web site and headlined in Momentum, the monthly Coach newsletter.

The contest officially kicked off on March 31st. At the end of each business week, the system counts the number of active Success Links you have for that week. If the number is 8 or greater, you will be recognized for the club level that you have achieved:

8 active links = Bronze
12 active links = Silver
20 active links = Gold
30 active links = Executive

Recognition as you climb through the ranks includes a special “Success Link Club” pin and your name posted in the “Success Link Club” area of Coach’s Corner.

Any coach you have personally sponsored (ever since you joined the business) will be counted as an active success link so long as they are active with 50PV and they have a personally sponsored coach who is active with 50PV.

Special note- a personally sponsored coach can only be counted as one active link even if they have more than one active personally sponsored coach.

Example- Carl sponsors Kevin who is active and Kevin sponsors Michael, Jim and Jason all active with 50PV. Kevin will count as one active link for Carl even though he has three personally sponsored coaches who are active. Kevin has the potential for three active links because he has three personally sponsored coaches. (Nice work Kevin!)

We have developed a weekly report that will be sent to each coach telling how many active success links they had at the start of the contest period and how many active links they have at the end of each commission period. This will allow you to track your increase and compare that to the top 20 list that will be posted in Coach’s Corner each week.

I almost forgot the big money: There will also be the Top Coach of the year who wins a $10,000 prize. And two other half-year awards of $5,000 for the most Success Links measured two times during the year. Also, you can earn cash rewards in multiple months if you repeatedly rank in the top 20. Part of the contest also includes "Elite Points", which I will describe in a future post, but you can get the contest rules in Coaches Corner.

The bottom line is, the more Success Links you get, the more people you help to get active and healthy. And the more people you help get active and healthy, the more you deserve to hang with the other Top Coaches in Mexico. As the network of coaches expands, THAT'S the activity we want to reward, and we're putting our money where that kind of healthy success happens!

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