Saturday, June 21, 2008

1 million and 100 million

We are going to reverse the trend of obesity.

It started the day we held the meeting to launch the network, and it caught on the moment we realized that our coaches understood that this was more than just a way to make some money. It is about three priorities: (1) YOU live healthy, (2) you help people around you live healthy, and (3) you recruit other people who will do the same.

The Beachbody system works 100% of time for those that follow it: Exercise, good nutrition, and peer support. 100% success. Our job together, is to turn that message into action and then habit, not by trying to get thousands at a time, but one person at a time.

Let there be no mistake in this statement, and no room for misinterpretation: Team Beachbody is going to reverse the trend of obesity by building a network of one million coaches, and those coaches will help 100 million people make health and fitness a priority in their lives.

If it is possible to recruit one coach, who gets great results with our system, who then inspires twenty more to do the same, it's possible to recruit a million coaches, who as a team will supercharge the message with their success and inspire 100 million others.

In five years, people will say "Exercise, nutrition and people helping people... How obvious."

Meanwhile, Team Beachbody and its coaches are the ones who see the potential now, and the ones who will turn that elegantly simple potential into the "obvious" reality.

We need leaders to achieve this; Bright, compassionate people who are willing to make the time to live healthy, and help others. How many of the million coaches will you personally bring to the revolution, and how many of the 100 million customers? How many will it be this week? How many conversations will you have today?

One million coaches. 100 million customers. The Beachbody Revolution has begun.


Anne Dovel said...

Right on, Carl! :)
Anne Dovel

Coach Barbie said...

A long entry, but I have to share. I entered this on my blog today; it is in keeping with what you write here.


Maybe Yoga-X has turned me into a Zen master or something (of course, I'm kidding), but I woke up this morning feeling incredibly grateful for the life that I am living and the community that we are collectively creating and that already surrounds me.

This has been a most amazing week.

On Monday night I shared with you that the doctor had found a lump in my breast. I debated for a few hours that day whether I should share such an intimate part of myself with an online world of people, most of whom I have never met and most probably never will. If one of my goals as a coach is to help people see and understand that we can take care of ourselves no matter what messy stuff life throws our way, how could I not share? And so I did, feeling a bit vulnerable, but with a strong sense that that was the right thing to do.

You all came out of the woodwork, flooding my inbox with words of encouragement, prayers, personal stories to share, progress photos, and even an inspirational video to view! My friend Tina from Australia, who I didn't even know read my blog, wrote to say she was thinking of me.

And when on Tuesday I expressed my dissatisfaction with my 30-day results, I once again received a torrent of emails and posts telling me how far I have come.

Truly, my cup runneth over.

When I became a coach in September, I did so because I wanted to help others achieve the same great results that I had and I admit, I became a coach because I enjoy the role of teacher and leader. I've come to realize that my coaching philosophy and my teaching philosophy are one and the same:

I am, as my mentor Ken Bain likes to say, not the sage on the stage, but the guide by the side that wants to lead (my students) my readers and the people I coach to optimal levels of (learning) of health and fitness.

One of the things that I learned when I became a teacher and that I am learning once again as coach is that the teacher-student, coach-coachee relationship is one of reciprocity. The student is not the only one learning.

Before I sat down to write this entry, I found a Buddhist interpretation of the phrase "Give and you shall receive" in the online journal Buddhadharma that I would like to share with you:

"Each offers not only what one has but...what one is. The potential intimacy of this kind of reciprocity need not be doubted."

In sharing what I am, in providing encouragement or occasional butt-kickings to all of my peeps, I have received much more than I ever expected or imagined I could receive.

So, thank you.

Now let's keep Bringing It!

Barbie, PhD