Friday, June 27, 2008

When Sharing the Beachbody Opportunity, "No thanks" means "Not yet"

We've all heard the stats:
> Over 100 million people in this country are obese.
> Another 100 million are overweight.
> Deaths related to obesity are the #2 killer in the US, and soon to achieve the distinction of #1.

So when a Beachbody Coach offers to help someone who is not involved in a fitness and nutrition program and they say "No", I think they're really saying "Not yet."

The challenge is to turn "Not yet" into "Now".

Beachbody Coaches are so resilient in their crusade to help people. They do their workouts. They plan their food and supplement strategies. And they share the message with someone every day: "I am experiencing how health is achieved. When you're ready I'll help you."

Someone can say "no" or "not yet" to that, but as life passes them by because they lack the strength, energy or perhaps confidence to really live, at some point that person will realize that the solution already presented itself in that invitation from their coach.

What has been missing from every other program they ever tried was the combination of a good fitness and food plan with the support to stay with it. When they remember the helpful coach who offered to help them that "no" turns into "now".

The other day I was on a phone call where an experienced network marketer was telling me that you need the "best salespeople to succeed" because the priority has to be making money - that's the driver to network marketing.

When it comes to Beachbody, I had to respectfully disagree. Salesmanship is what you need to sell a product one time. Sell one person one thing, move on to the next. Beachbody is not about salesmanship, it is about creating relationships by caring enough about people and their potential for a better life. And when you combine the truth about health and fitness with enthusiasm, you create that relationship, and sales... All because you care. Our coaches create lasting relationships that are productive, healthy and profitable.

Earning an income is not evil. It is an important motivator - in fact it's the motivation that got me into the best shape of my life. If I didn't think my photos would be valuable to the launch of Power 90 and P90X, I would have never pushed it so hard to get those results. That motivation got me healthy. Creating the Coach network is my attempt to see if people want to tap into that same money motivation that I had. "Become a walking billboard for what's possible, be there to help them succeed, and they'll want to buy some of what you've got!"

When it comes to sharing this system of exercise, good nutrition and peer support, what makes me comfortable to write about it in this blog and share this system with anyone I speak to is the fact that I KNOW WITH 100% CONVICTION that what we offer is the fastest path to a long-term healthy lifestyle on the market. Better than all the diet books combined. Better than gastric bypass surgery. Better than whatever cleanse is popular this summer. Less expensive and more efficient than equipment and gym memberships alone. This program works and it's healthy. And I want as many people as possible to tap into it.

I get so worked up when I realize that these crazy DVD's and simple food programs really will solve this obesity trend within five years. And it's all thanks to the community of people with the biggest heart you could find. That's how this is so different than the other MLM's - this is people helping people, not people selling juice.

If you are interested in helping people, and you wonder if you need to learn how to sell to be a Beachbody Coach, all I ask is that you show people you care, and the business will grow. And here's another tip: You don't need to find people who can sell to help you build your business. You need to find people who have the courage to show they care as much as you do.

Care like that this week, and if someone who listens to you talk about this thing called Beachbody and the power of "Play, Shake & Share" says "no thanks," hear it as "not yet". Because one day when they're ready to achieve their transformation, you'll still be there for them, and "not yet" becomes "now!"

That's how we'll grow to a force of one million caring coaches, and that's how we'll help over 100 million people make health and fitness a priority in their lives.

To every Beachbody Coach, know that every day, and every conversation matters... because every person matters. YOU HAVE THE SOLUTION!


Doug Fitzgerald said...

Carl, you nail it everytime! Thanks for your leadership as we encourage and help people along the way. Because something always happens "along the way" if our priority is encouraging and helping! WAY TO GO!

Anne Dovel said...

I should have known Doug would beat me here! :)
What Doug said! :)

And I have to say, Carl...nothing up to becoming a coach, has helped me stay more motivated, consistent and accountable for my own health and fitness. I'm out there talking and sharing Beachbody. I'm telling people...I've been there, come join me.
I've got to live it on a daily level! Not just when my jeans get tight! :) :) (not that they do...that was hypothetical, of course.) ha

Thank you so much Carl. Dave and I and our family have been so blessed by Beachbody and by coaching and being coached. I'll never be able to fully express our gratitude.

Anne Dovel

JW said...

Thank you for your post, your words ring so true and truly inspired me to keep moving forward. I've had much success with beachbody but know I can have excellent success if I apply myself inspiring others to do the same. It all starts with me - I'm clear on my goal, I'm on a mission - tomorrow is DAY One again of Power 90 - 100% commitment...I am and will be a walking billboard - BE THE CHANGE!! Thanks for the inspiration - one day we will meet because I am going to help you reach that 100 million...:) I promise!


CT Olson said...

You've really tapped into something at Beachbody. I think as you suggest maintaining human relationships is what will bring people back again and again. And there is nothing wrong with making a living at doing something that helps people - it's preventative health and with an aging population it will be more and more important over the next several decades.

Anonymous said...

I needed to read this, Carl, as I've talked to so many people about what I'm doing and have yet to sign up one single coach. I have been very discouraged, but I remind myself that I'm not in this for any money. I'm in this to help myself and others get HEALTHY. Not skinny, not thin, but HEALTHY. What a difference!

I thank you for the constant reminder that this coaching thing isn't about greed, but about LIVES CHANGED.


Carl Daikeler said...

Sarah - I need this to work for you -- both to support tyour ongoing desire to be healthy, and the perfectly acceptable desire to earn an extra income. I don't think it's going to happen in a big sweeping thunderous avalanche, but by one. single. conversation. at. a. time.

Start over like this:

(1) Create a new objective for yourself; Something you want to buy or a monthly income number you want to achieve by November first. Let's say you want to earn $200 a month by Nov 1st, or you want to be saving that much each month by the end of the year. Set the goal, and the date by which you will achieve it.

(2) Also set a new fitness/health goal for yourself, to be achieved by that very same date. It could be to do ten pull-ups. Or it could be to run a 5k, or a certain waistline. You pick a measureable foal, to coincide with that date.

(3) Think of ten people who youthink might enjoy doing that very same thing; Achieving a specific financial goal, plus a specific physical goal, by a specific date. And ask if they want to do it with you. (A) They might say they are not interested in the financial opportunity, but they are interested in getting healthy. Then ask them what they would be willing to do to get healthy. Ten minutes a day? An hour? A meal replacement shake a day? Vitamins? You commit to help them achieve that goal by a specific date.
(B) They might be more interested in the financial goal than the physical goal. Ask what's the point of having the money if they have no energy to enjoy it? The power of this opportunity is showing people around you that it's possible, otherwise it's empty. So if they want to earn that income goal, they need to step up and show that it's not just about sales, it's about service to people, and that's worth them paying for.

Approach those ten people within the course of five days, and see where those conversations lead. I predict you will find two who are tired of not feeling great or who want that extra income, and they will sense the opportunity for a fresh start with your support, and this fresh new concept.

(C) Get everyone who is interested to sign up, get the Showcase pack or the program they want to do, and set-up their Team Beachbody profile.

(D) Make sure they know that there is a money back guarantee. Keep the product packaging an material. If afte the first 30 days they are not satisfied, assure them the CEO WANTS them to return it for a refund. Not questions asked. They like it, or they get their money back.

(3) The next week, you do the same thing. Think of the next ten. At the same time, work with the people who joined up with you to make sure they are setting their workout schedules, and they have approached their list of ten.

This is important; They don't have to be fitness or nutrition experts. And they don't have to do it alone. You are doing this as a team. When they come up with their list of ten (and then the next ten) set a time to speak once a week about how their conversation are going.

No doubt, some will have experience like yours at the beginning. My theory is that means they simply have not drawn a line in the sand and said "I will achieve this by this date. Period."

No advertising. No fancy web strategies. Simply setting your goal - with real determination and a completely reasonable financial and physical goal, and then the big GO FOR IT. Sharing the concept each week. Expanding your team. Celebrating every success. Sharing stories of fitness and financial triumph (including your own) with your team.

I know it's possible because we have success stories all around us. Money. Physical transformation. Health.

the people who succeed are JUST LIKE YOU -- They care. The difference perhaps is, they have a goal, a daily/weekly plan of action, and they are relentless.

I know you. I know you can do this. And I need you to do this.

You are the proof that caring about people is unstoppable.

Thank you for your patience, your effort, and your incredible enthusiasm!

Sam Adams said...

Carl, I just became a coach but I've been buying beachbody videos for three years. I am so excited about this opportunity. I have one person ready to sign up as a coach already, another who wants to wait until September when I can walk her through it, and I'm going to go email my Aunt when I'm done here. Thank you so much for making this opportunity available for so many different people!