Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WOWY Super Gym Traffic

Talk about a "WOWY"... 3,396 people worked out online in the Team Beachbody WOWY Super Gym yesterday, and this morning we had a peek of 234 people at 9:20 AM ET!

I remember the day we launched this application. Jon and I were on business in Florida, and I kept checking the statistics on my phone... "We have 4 people working out together." Then ten minutes later, "We have 7 people working out together!"

The only Beachbody customer complaints in those days were that people wanted a way to invite someone to join them for a workout. Within a few months, we had an invitation engine, and then we started to see this grow.

As I type this, 164 people are working out together. The record attendance stands at 522 at one time set in May of 2007, but that was a promotion. To see this kind of attendance driven by coaches and the people they support is absolutely awesome.

Today's random prize is $300, just for logging your workout live at WOWY. So keep pushing play, and I'll see you online in WOWY!


Anonymous said...

WOWY and the Message boards are the best support tools BB offers. Without WOWY and without the support the boards offer BB wouldn't be where they are today. I'm forever greatful for the creation of the two.


Anonymous said...

Even with 3,396 people a day using it, it's still a MUCH better deal than the lottery! Better odds...and FREE! Not to mention the prize of GOOD HEALTH!!!

I won $300 last July, and I know several other people who have won. It's a great incentive from a GREAT company!

Thanks Carl and Jon!

Judy (aka cani)