Monday, January 12, 2009

That Fabulous Foot

David Akers, the poster boy for what P90X can do on the stage of professional athletics, is blowing us away with NFL stats that continue to prove that talent plus extreme training are a potent combination:

> In 2007 BX ("Before P90X"), Akers went 1 for 6 from between 40 and 50 yards.

> In 2008 AX, ("After P90X") he has gone 8 for 10.

> "Field Goals Made" - went from #16 in 2007 to #3 this season.

> Scoring - went from #21 in the NFL to #2.

And he's not some 98 pound weakling kicker eaither. Anyone who saw him save a touchdownin the first quarter by hammering Bradshaw out of bounds.

To quote Jon Congdon, "Hmmm. Seems like the product worked for him."


Keith said...

ya it would really be horrible to have someone from Beachbody with on field superbowl credentials...getting a little onfield reaction JUST in case he kicks the winnning field goal in Super Bowl....HOW QUICKLY can the
P90 X the "proof" informerical be re-edited.....

Clarissa (misscmac) said...

That is true - great idea, Keith!! Would love to see that happen!

CT Olson said...

what better testimony than this to the program - great story! I haven't seen the latest infomercials but you should get him in it if you can ... go Eagles! (since my Pats are out I can say this :)