Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Gotta Dream Extreme

It's time to lock in your plans for the 2nd annual Beachbody Coach Summit, titled "DREAM EXTREME" at Universal Studios in Hollywood March 14th!

It's going to be a great event to help our coach network maximize the momentum as we've crossed over the 16,000 coach mark! We’ve already added over 10,000 coaches since last year’s Summit.

We're calling the event "Dream Extreme" because the secret to achieving great things is to have dreams that are worth pursuing, dreams that are so big that you refuse to let anything get in your way. That's the way I feel about building the largest network of health and fitness peer support in the world! Nothing will stop us!

We’ve already seen more people transform their bodies than we could have imagined with our extreme programs like P90X® and ChaLEAN Extreme®. At this year’s Summit we’re launching the breakthrough meal replacement, Shakeology® (I LOVE IT!), giving personal tours of the new Beachbody headquarters, holding the biggest group workout in Beachbody history with seven all-star trainers, giving sneak peeks at some unbelievable new workouts, unveiling our exciting 2009 promotion plans, and doing some powerful business training.

Plus, we have one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever met and one of the motivational inspirations I turn to whenever I need a jump start to stay on track; Mr. Les Brown. And Saturday night we’re crowning the Million Dollar Body grand prize winners, giving away $800,000 in one hour!

If you're a coach, this event is the slingshot that makes the rest of the year happen. And if you're not a coach, now is the time to get signed up! Click here to become a coach, then sign up to join me at the Dream Extreme Summit in Los Angeles!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooo there!

Jay Garbarino said...

I may be Sorry that I canceled my registration on Feb. 1, but this was the most comprehensive description to date that I have read about the event. Thanks fro the info, after even more info comes out, I may be registering to attend again (minus the earlybird discount)

Carl Daikeler said...

We'll miss you Jay. This year and over time, these annual events are going to be the moment that people look back on and talk about: "Were you there when they...?" and "Do you remember when they launched the..." You never know what's going to happen, except when you get Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Shaun T and the rest of the trainers on the same stage plus 600 people working out together, you know something will be incredible, something will go wrong, and something will be very very funny.

Anne Dovel said...

Oh Carl! I cannot wait. I'm counting down the days until we leave by the number of workouts on my calendar!
29 workouts to go! And we'll be flying to LA. I've told coaches over and over, this is the best investment for your business and your fitness, the entire year!

Our lifestyle has taken a 180 degree turn since becoming Beachbody coaches! AND..we are more fit than when we started too! It's an awesome business.

Thanks as always, for EVERYTHING.
Anne Dovel