Thursday, January 01, 2009

Inspiration to Set Your Goal Now!

I got an email this morning from Beachbody Coach Perry Tinsely. It shows that in 2008, he didn't miss a single day in WOWY -- 366 red X's! Unbelievable and an incredible feat!
Here it is; Jan 1 2009, and that's enough inspiration to spark some creative goal setting. While I know 365 days a year of logging in will not work for me, can I log 20 a month? 240 for the year? It's a challenge, but I can go for it. That consistency will serve me well. And it's only possible because you give me the motivation and inspiration to go for it

And by the way, I really want to thank you for a great 2008.

Whether you're a Beachbody Coach, a member of Team Beachbody, or a Beachbody customer, I want to thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, and commitment.

We achieved amazing things in 2008, approaching 15,000 coaches, overcoming major obstacles, and surpassing overall sales targets. But the most exciting thing we discovered in 2008 is that our prospects are stronger than we even anticipated. The future looks so strong with the upcoming coach infomercial, the release of new products, and the unwavering strength of the community to inspire friends and family that health and fitness is possible right at home. When it comes to the health care and obesity crisis, the solution is people helping people plug into this the total package called Beachbody of fitness, diet, and peer support.

And we're proving that with the ChaLEAN Extreme Launch Party kick off Saturday, January 3rd. Coaches across the country are inviting people to their homes to kick off the New Year's Resolution season. At those parties and for months to come, Coaches and members will be inviting people to kick off a flight of ChaLEAN Extreme and surpassing the results they've achieved in gyms or with equipment by supporting each other through the process.

You can see where parties are happening right here at party central and track the action including footage and photos from coach house parties plus Chalene's launch party at her house here at the message boards!

No matter what you do to celebrate the new year and set an objective for yourself to achieve real exercise consistency in 2009, know that this CEO truly appreciates how you have taken responsibility for your health and fitness - no matter what stage of it you are in - and that together we can achieve so much in 2009! I'm going to go for 240 workouts, all logged into WOWY with a red X (That means I log the workout as I do it, rather than a blue X, which gets logged in later.)

Happy New Year. Post some great ChaLEAN Extreme Launch Party photos Saturday, and let's go for it in 2009!


LORI J said...

VERY IMPRESSIVE, Perry! That's amazing and inspiring!

I, with you Carl, am not sure I can log in all 365 days, BUT I do intend to "do my best and forget the rest". I'm going for the 240 WOWY red's for sure minimum. 20 per month is a great goal.

2009 = Investing in the Older Me

Thanks for a great 2008, Carl and Beachbody! You've kept me from being a obesity statistic and I'll be forever grateful to you! :)

zavislak said...

Congratulations Perry! You certainly are an inspiration!

I just watched the 100th episode of BNN, and I couldn't help but feel SO grateful for having found this company back in 2004...all from calling into an infomercial.

I can't even count the number of people who help to inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle, and the opportunity to become a coach and "pass it on" has been such a blessing.

I'm SO excited to see what 2009 holds for all of us! :-)

M. Keith said...

Perry is a real inspiration! When he sent me this in an email I was so impressed I made it my goal to match him this year...workout for workout.
Keep bringin' it, brother!!

Kassandra Bragg said...

I'm going to do this in 2009 woohoo!



CT Olson said...

Truly impressive. I was proud of the two rounds I did without missing (and still am). But that is amazing for a whole year! I'm sure he was the beneficiary. I noticed as a side note that I don't get colds quite as much when I'm doing the program. It's made a huge difference in my overall health not just my pullup and pushup numbers....