Sunday, February 08, 2009

We've Finally Made It...

...into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! (Mom will be so proud!)

This year's swimsuit issue comes out officially on Feb 13th, and inside you'll find a full page ad for P90X, the #1 fitness program in the country right now.

They had a great ad rate, and we couldn't pass the promotion up!

So if you're not a coach yet, once you see our ad gracing the pages of one of the most anticipated magazine issues of the year, you might want to sign up to take advantage of all that promotion!


Tamfish said...

I'm watching the stars arrive for the Grammy awards. Sheryl Crow was just asked how she keeps in such great place - her answer:


Nice endorsement! :)

Keith said...

It wasn't an endorsement...IT was an ad....It was awsome....she even described the workouts...wonder how many people googled P90x

Dino Stylianopoulos said...


Beachbody has done such an amazing job of branding it is not even funny...also just watched Cheryl Crow talk about P90X...

Look forward to meeting you in March.


max said...

Hi Carl!

I'm John. I am currently on Day 80 of my first round of P90X and I am ALREADY a lifer! The strides I have made through Tony's program and through your Company's umbrella system (Team Beachbody, the message threads, Trainer tips, etc) are beyondanything I could have even hoped for! I may not be mistaken for Tony anytime soon, but - nearing 50 - I will no longer be that "Short, Fat Bald Guy in the back..."!

My question to you at this auspicious moment (Sheryl Crow AND SI's Swimsuit Edition) is When can we Canadians start moving forward as coaches. In just the last 80 days, I have had literally dozens of friends and aquaintances ask me what I am doing, how have I done all of this so quickly, and where do they sign up?!? I know that Canada is ready and primed for this and that there are HUGE numbers of folks who will be clambering to sign on as a coach! If you are looking for a test case, let me know, I am MORE than ready AND willing to get started! It would be nice to have a Canadian in the running for the Million Dollar Body contest as well!(lol)

I truly hope to hear from you on this subject and eagerly await your response. In the meantime, congratulations again on the phenomenal success and development of the Beachbody name and philosophy!

Kind Regards,