Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will I see you there?

I want to see if we can surpass the WOWY Super Gym record at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th.

It's the official start of "Dream Extreme Week" leading up to the big Summit. And it's a symbolic test to see if this bold idea of the Beachbody Revolution has yet achieved the power to get people engaged in their health and fitness.

Out of a network of over 16,000 coaches, thousands more of Team Beachbody members, plus friends, family and co-workers, can we get more than 522 people to workout at the same time?

I actually don't know. I think so. But I also know that it will take more than me blogging here about it. It will take more than me contacting a few key coaches about it. It will take real leadership from our founders. It will take leadership from our Diamonds. And it will take the enthusiasm of our Ruby and Emerald coaches to get the word out in every way possible from today through the event.

One workout on one Saturday. What's possible when we pull together? What's possible when at a minimum, everyone who reads this shows up and brings one person?

We'll find out when we kick it off in the WOWY Super Gym at 11AM ET/8AMPT Saturday March 7th for the official start of "Dream Extreme Week".

Will I see you there?

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Stu said...

Unfortunately I will not be at the Coach's Summit. However I will be in WOWY on March 7th, 2009 at 11:00 AM EST.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anthony said...

I'll be there, working out right along everyone else!

Timothy Carter said...


I'll be emailing all my customers & calling all of my Coaches to be on board for that Saturday workout!

Looking forward to SHATTERING that WOWY record!

Timothy Carter

Sam Adams said...

I'll be there! And I'll tell all my customers and family members to be there too!

zavislak said...

You've got my support Carl! I LOVE WOWY! The accountability is awesome, and you can't beat the prizes (I've won $800 so far)!

Nicole said...

Carl, thank you so much for the encourgaing words you left on my blog. I work in PR and have a Master's degree in new media (focused on social media) and you reaching out to the individuals in such a personal way is wonderful. I'm almost done with my Slim in 6 series and am really struggling to decide what is next on the agenda. I've had a friend do P90 and love it, but I'm also looking at other programs. Again, thank you for taking the time to stop by my small place on the web. The best to you in your endeavors.

Run Mommy said...

I just came across your blog..I have really been debating about the PX90 program for a while! As a runner, I need to find something else to round out my conditioning and I think this might be it?? Many of my blogging friends have tried it and perhaps I might sure looks like it might be the ticket! Thanks!