Friday, October 09, 2009

"That's my son, P90X"

I am hearing more and more things about how the fervor around P90X has become even more iconic than any of us could have imagined.

A prominent investment banker got in touch with me to tell me how big a fan he is of P90X, and that he knew we were doing something big when he saw a guy at his gym sporting an actual tattoo across his arm with the P90X logo! A permanent tattoo of our product, on his body! And since then, I've received a couple emails of customers who prove the premise... people are more committed to this program than ever!

Yesterday I read on Twitter about Donny Osmond saying ballroom dancing is harder than a P90X workout. And I also heard rumor that American Idol David Archuletta is now twittering about the program.

This week a customer contacted me through Facebook and told me that he and his wife are so pleased with the program and how Tony Horton presents the workouts that they are giving their soon-to-be-born son the middle name "Anthony" in honor of Mr. Horton himself. (I suggest they make his first name "P90X"... doubt he'll go for it.)

It's really unbelievable, and the new show about P90X should be out by the end of the year which demonstrates even more unbelievably how amazing this program is and how it has transformed what people think of home DVD workouts. I am grateful to every customer, to Tony, and to everyone at the company who never gave up to create the greatest fitness program ever put on DVD!


Critter said...

i <3 p90x

Jayel said...

The tatoo looks like it's on his inner thigh and not his arm. Pretty cool though.

Shanna de said...

P90X changed my life. Working on a story to submit with photos. I have lost 37 pounds so far. I am a P90X grad, and currently doing Insanity. I am also now a BB Coach. It all started from P90X! Thank you Tony, Carl, and Me!

Roy dos Santos said...

I have completed P90X and Insanity and I have to say that both programs are amazing. I would recommend any beachbody product to anyone looking for a better way to get healthier.

Capri said...

David Archuleta (@davidarchie) HAS been tweeting about his P90X workouts!! =)Lots of his fans have been checking it out!I am getting it myself!

CoachJaye said...

Just Like Tony, Says" That's P90x People" said...

I think its finally catching on with people that their health is a serious issue! I also think those folks who are out of shape are turned off by gyms attended by people who are in shape! It doesn't hurt that Tony gives great workouts and lots of encouragement.

dmbaldwin said...

Hey Carl,
I am one of those people who is doing P90X and loving it. I never thought I'd be this involved in a workout program, but am. It's been a great experience for me.

Jessica said...

Hey Carl,

I just saw someone talk about P90X on a morning show in Sweden, when will TeamBeachBody com to Sweden????

I used to live in the USA and i am a former TBB Coach, i had to quit as i moved back home to Sweden but i really miss TBB and hope you will come here sooooooon so i can promote and buy the products. I emailed customer service at TBB about this but have not heard anything from them, i know people here will be asking where they can get P90X now since it was on tv and it is also on the tv website.

All My Best!


Shanna de Potts said...

Hello Jessica,

It is so great that you are so passionate about TBB. I am a Beachbody Coach who is a P90X Grad and Insanity participant. and I have had this asked of me before from friends and acquaintances that live overseas.

With the internet, it is just a click away to get P90X, or any Beachbody product. I have Beachbody products on my website just for that reason, to offer a one stop website. Learn about healthy eating, dieting, and exercise, and order great BB products.

Personally if I were you, I would pick back up as a Coach and be in the right place now in Sweden. When the masses have questions you will be there, knowledgeable, and to help, a total Win Win for you.

Have a great day. Shanna de in Orlando

Jessica said...

Hi Shanna,

I have asked customer service over and over if i could continue to be a coach while living in Sweden and they said NO and that they don't ship overseas, or don't ship to Sweden but to the UK, so that's why i canceled now in August or September, can't remember exactly when, but if i knew i could still be a coach while living here i would not have canceled, so now i guess i have to wait 6 months before i can rejoin....what a i have to pay the fee again which is not that bad but anyway irritating....i love their products and i hope they will come here soon and that i can rejoin again soon.


PuckHead said...

WOW my pic on The Blog! Sweet this pic was taken at Tony's Philly Camp! Try to get to a camp they are amazing. Just search Tony Horton Camps!

Critter's tat is crazy cool and I know of 3 other P90X tats out there too!

Bob Chrome - Body by P90X

Hair Wiz Chris Issoglio - Decide, Commit, Succeed

Derek Wheatley - P90X