Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're On TV!

If you subscribe to DirecTV, I've got great news -- no more channel surfing through lame movies and reality shows when you want to watch great TV... there's always something to watch! Beachbody infomercials!

At least that's the way it is from 12AM to 12PM EST on Channel 341! Channel name: "BB" featuring daily Product Partners programming scheduled with WOWY promotion spots and other short for programming between each show.

We're blacked out on Sunday’s 6:00a-12:00pm (necessary for bandwidth issues relating to NFL Ticket), but otherwise, sit back, and enjoy the direct marketing fabulousness with over 18 million other happy DirecTV viewers!


The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

BOO!! You need a channel on regular cable! My friends and I text each other whenever we see a BB commercial on so we can all run to our tv's and watch. LOVE THEM!

Trish White said...

Who is the guy in this before/after picture. Carl? I'd like to read more about his story.

Patrick said...

That's my personal Team Beachboy coach Jason, sporting the P90x tattoo. Nothing says inspiration like fresh ink!

beachmom15 said...

I just found out about your BB channel!! I was amazed, of course I'm here in So. Cal and the programing is off from 9am-9pm PST. Kinda bummed, since I'm home sick and I love the infomercials. OH and BTW, I love the "old" P90X commercial better!!!
Lisa (lisita15)