Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now That's a Plan!

What a week, and what a plan! Team Beachbody is on fire and the new Game Plan protocol, modeled on decades of success from some of the most successful network marketing organizations ever. It is a complete revelation!
And what blows me away is how this simple ten point system has already become a foundation coaches are using to plan day-to-day activities and even pursue business building ideas that have been brewing within the business for years.

The people who qualified for our Leadership Event at the Ritz in Dana Point were deluged with reinforcement on the ten points, proof that with just two months of application it really works.
Plus we launched a challenge to put it into action for an unprecedented 60 day push. If you're a coach and you're not participating in the 60 day challenge, I suggest you go for it and recommit to your success!
Almost 1,000 coaches have already signed up on the Facebook page to share their experiences using the Game Plan. People are updating on every facet of the plan, including productivity at soccer games, birthday parties, listening to great audiobooks, exploring the new 3rd party tools, starting home parties... It's on!

Coaches are once again using the network to help cash strapped charities raise funds, because now they have a system to hand off to the leaders of PTA's, church groups, and others who are motivated, but never knew how to apply our programs and products in order to make serious money. We even have a coach planning on holding a regular Sunday "Open House" complete with signs just like the real estate folks use. Imagine the flags and balloons around the neighborhood: "Healthy Open House - Free Shake!"

Coaches who have been watching the rest of the team have success while they struggled to sign their first coach are shocked to see how powerful the step by step system is.
Even coaches at the event, who were unsure what it would be like to commit to "Two Exposures a Day" were so encouraged when they started a conversation with the hotel maid, or the waitress at the restaurant, got interest, and they were not demoralized if they heard "no"!
I am so excited about the future I can barely contain my enthusiasm. This is how we increase the decibel level of healthy habits! Two exposures a day!
Do the Game Plan faithfully, and your business will finally get traction.
And I am so proud of the work that the company did to prepare these tools, especially Larry "Game Plan" Zimberg, Denise Needham, Sandi Bouhadonna and the rest of the team all under the guidance of GM Michael Neimand. The "3rd party tools" created by Natalie Barandes and the production team are world class. The new coach starter kit (especially the requisite "Getting Started Right" guide) created by Maria Gitto and her creative group are simple and easy to follow. And the new website finally brings the coach landing pages inside the Team Beachbody look and feel.
Shakeology sales are taking off using the sample packets and "Watch This" DVD, as more and more coaches are discovering how much better they feel within days of starting this daily health program. Coaches are showing their confidence in Shakeology by challenging prospects to try it by adding; "You will feel amazing in 30 days, or you don't pay!"

That's the way to leverage Team Beachbody's 30 day money guarantee guys! Nice work!
Thanks to all our coaches who have had faith in us to this major launch into stage two of our growth. It's the right time to get in position as start to look ahead to stage three; international expansion. That's when you'll be glad you got in, got your friends in, and properly positioned yourself for the spike.
And the Game Plan tour is about to hit the road. I'll be there to help kick off the first stop in Tacoma, WA. It's a combination of opportunity-meeting for prospects in the morning, and then an intensive training in the Game Plan the rest of the day. Do you know someone in the Northwest - Get 'em there!
It's time to make things happen, and I am proud to work beside you to rebuild the health of our country, and in the process rebuild the middle class by creating a million "CEO/coaches", running their own health and fitness business as part of Team Beachbody!

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