Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are You Serious About Success?

If you REALLY want to make extra money, you need to get serious. If you REALLY want to help more people get healthy and fit, you need to get serious.

Are you willing to invest just six hours to learn the steps that will put you on the same path as our top coaches? We are seeing impressive, compelling evidence that the Game Plan is generating new coaches, new sales, and a lot more awareness about the health and fitness movement that is Team Beachbody. But it's important that get trained on it so you get the most from this powerful tool.
The guy to learn it from is Larry Zimberg.

What sets the successful people from the everybody else? I know first hand - the difference is going the extra step, doing more than "normal", going the extra mile. This is one of those defining moments. What are you willing to do to succeed?

Larry is holding a Game Plan Training this Saturday (11/14) in Dallas, TX. People who attended the Leadership Event a month ago or the first stop on the Game Plan tour in Tacoma, WA compared it to a seminar for which they would have paid thousands of dollars. We're charging $10. Six hours of step-by-step training in how to apply the proven action steps of network marketing to getting out the word of our health-changing, life-transforming programs!

If you would have been willing to go to a four year college that was a long drive or a plane ride away to secure your future, why not make an investment in one road trip, one plane ticket to Dallas, and one day to absorb the information that could completely, and quickly, get your business on track?

Maybe it's just my nature, and maybe it's why I have been successful, but take from this CEO: If I were you, I would get to the very next training possible. No excuses. And I would lean on my primary leaders to meet me there. I would take pages of notes. I would review the information with my team immediately after the event, so we all worked the system together. And then I would work my tail off to use the system to generate the most productivity. I would not accept anything less from myself than that. So why not you? Now is the time to get serious about YOUR success.


AA Training & Conference Center
4501 Hwy 360S
Fort Worth, TX 761551
(817) 956-1000

10:00 AM Opportunity Presentation (Bring your prospects!)
11:00 AM Game Plan Training Part I
1:00 PM Lunch Break & Shakeology Sampling
2:00 PM Game Plan Training Part II
5:00 PM Close

If you can't make Dallas, get to Vegas:

Las Vegas, NV December 5th


Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
4000 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 891031
(800) 331-5334



jesse perry said...

Hi Carl,

Any plans of coming to the east coast? Thanks!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks do you think you will ever come mid-west say Chicago?

Sam Adams said...

I second the idea of east coast. The NYC area would be a good place to get :D