Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Idea for the Gift of Health

We had a great coach call this morning discussing the big training in Dallas, the upcoming event in Vegas on Dec 5th (be there and get people there!), the importance of home parties, and the opportunity to use the products in the Beachbody catalogue as healthy gift ideas this year.
After the call I was thinking how smart it would be for people to give Shakeology instead of a bottle of wine.
What if you committed to give at least two bags of Shakeology to two people who you would otherwise struggle to find "the right gift" for? A gift that is actually good for the recipient... That's the real spirit of giving isn't it?
And when I arrived at the office, I got into the elevator with our Senior Director of Training and Development, Sandi Bouhadana who trumped my idea with her own: Between her kids and their school and activities, she has ten teachers who she will buy gifts for this year. Instead of the traditional "basket of soaps," she has decided to give each of the teachers a sampler pack of Shakeology.
As an idea for a coach, that's a great one for a few reasons:
(1) You are showing you truly care about someone when you give them this special, healthy shake. Bio-available nutrition for healthy energy. It doesn't get better than that.
(2) People who try it as a gift are very likely to want to buy more.
(3) Teachers are great coaches - They need and appreciate the extra money and they are great at networking. You might find that gift leads to a mutually productive business relationship. But that is a distant third to the top priority of giving someone a gift that is truly meaningful this year. That's the point!
I think it's a great idea. From giving Shakeology or a program P90X, Insanity or Chalean Extreme to anyone on your gift list, I am sure there are a thousand other ideas that our coaches will come up with.
But the important thing right now - like, today - is to get the word to your team of coaches ASAP. There truly is no better or more timely gift, than the gift of health! Coaches just might not think of it - until it's too late! Don't let that happen - our mission needs your energy and focus right now!
Every little action we all take toward getting people focused on healthy behavior vs. a neutral or negative habits is productivity toward our goal. That's what this is about. "Slight Edge" thinking, where we gradually gather improvements in our productivity and health and that of the people around us. That's what this is about!
Pass this great holiday concept on, and let's keep the momentum growing!


screwdestiny said...

I think this is a good idea, but I would be a little wary of giving it to many people. I wouldn't have a problem giving Shakeology (or any of the exercise programs) to people who I know care about their health, but I'd be worried that if I gave it to someone who was overweight and genuinely needed it, then they would be insulted. I just think it kind of depends on your relationship with the person and is a fine line. said...

I think we should find a way to get schools, elementary on up to offer shakeology as a lunchtime alternative. What kid would not want to drink a Choc Choc Super Shake @ lunch or recess. Schools buy a LOT of products for a LOT of kids nationwide..

Shakeology said...

I agree that if shakeology was in schools parents would realize how much for affective their kids would be during school hours. Plus this would keep them focused with the nutrients shakeology provides.