Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Special Birthday Request

Dear Team Beachbody Coach:

I am having a birthday party and you're invited! I am asking for a special birthday present too. No, not a pretty new pony. I would like to break the record for the most coaches present on a Game Plan call since we started them. (I think the first call had 300 on it.) I am hoping you will be there to make that happen for me.

My birthday party Game Plan call is at 8AM PT Monday, Nov 23rd. All I ask is that you and as many coaches in your up and downline can join me for my Game Plan party, and help me celebrate our growth (and my receding hairline and increasing age.)

Please mark this in your calendar: 1(605) 475-6400 passcode: 354-5248

I hope to see you on the call!


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