Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are You in the Running for the Biking?

Just before the Summit, Brett and Michael came into my office and proposed a new incentive trip called “The Chairman’s Club Adventure!”

Then they asked me what kind of vacation I would like to plan for me and the top ten Elite Coaches of 2010. Vacation? I was stumped. My idea of a great day off is working at home. But then it came to me; a week long bike ride through some of the most beautiful cities in France!

We knew this was “it” the moment the idea was proposed. As Michael put it, “By day we will cruise through France. (It’s not a race, it’s a ride.) And at each strategic stop we will enjoy gourmet meals and exclusive sightseeing.”

I am counting on there being laughter, photo ops, baguettes and wine, um, "tasting"! A lot of wine-tasting.

At night, we’ll rest our legs in luxury boutique hotels and enjoy more food and business strategizing. It’s truly my dream week!

So, are you in the running for the biking tour?

Here are the current Success Club Leaders through May. These are overall Success Club points accumulated since we launched in January. If the Top Coach for 2010 were crowned today and he met the Elite qualifications, Josh Spencer would be wearing the coveted belt and climbing on a bike to ride with me*.

And if we were sending out invitations to the Chairman’s Club Adventure right now*, we would be booking flights to France for the top ten below.
But there’s still a lot of time, and I bet that Tom and Tommy are not going to sit in a two-way tie in 11th place with this exclusive trip on the line!

Keep driving your business forward, keep helping people, keep building. And I’ll hopefully see you in France!

So if you want to rack up some miles with me in the French countryside, let’s get busy! "Le Bring It!"

January 1 - May 31
Coach -------- Success Club Points - Consecutive Months in SC
Josh Spencer -------- 111 - 3
Hillary Kelly -------- 102 - 5
Monica Ward -------- 66 - 5
Mike Ryan ------------ 65 - 5
Lee Ratterman ------- 57 - 5
Alegria Vicencio ----- 54 - 5
Barbie Decker -------- 52 - 2
Mindy Wender ------- 52 - 5
Traci Morrow -------- 51 - 1
Thomas Mygrant ---- 50 - 3

Tom Birkenmeyer ----- 49 - 5
Dallas Carter ---------- 49 - 5
Robert Hudgens ------- 46 - 5
Lisa Jahred ------------ 45 - 2
Taryn Perry ------------ 44 - 4
Tami French ----------- 43 - 5
Aaron Mathis ---------- 42 - 5
Brian Murray ---------- 42 - 3
Julie Schulte ----------- 41 - 5
Michelle Myers -------- 41 - 1

*To qualify for the Chairman’s Club Adventure bike tour through France, coaches must also be Elite, which means they:

• Must qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 for 9 consecutive months in 2010 or 8 consecutive months if qualified for Success Club 10 in May.
• Must be a paid 2 Star Diamond or higher by the end of the qualification period.
• Must have signed up 24 New Active Coaches. Coaches must achieve Active status at the close of the contest.
Must have produced an incremental Advancement Team Volume of 100,000 points for the 2010 qualification period compared to the 2009 qualification period.
So, of those who qualify for Elite, whoever generated the top ten most Success Club points is on the trip!

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