Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Letters

I love when I get letters like this from Beachbody customers and Team Beachbody coaches. It's the kind of reward that I bet CEO's of fast food and oil companies don't get to enjoy, but I do.

This one is from Monica Ward, a former teacher and woman who started in this business with no network marketing experience. But she stayed with it, learned from leadership, and is now one of the true leaders of the business. I want the kind of success and joy she described for every single one of our coaches - but it does take focus on the Game Plan and patience to get there. I am telling you, you can have this too!


I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am each day to live a life of freedom.

Each day I choose to participate in this amazing opportunity you have given us, I create better relationships, help more people and get rewarded for my efforts.

I’m taking a vacation with my family for the first time in YEARS. We are going to drive up the coast to camp through Sequoia and Yosemite. Then, we’ll venture up to Crater Lake and end up by spending a week on the Oregon Coast.

The easy/stress free part is that we get to take our business on the road, making friends and contacts along the way. Check in with the many coaches we’ve connected with through this journey and HAVE SO MUCH FUN moment by moment.

This has all been the result of the game plan and the simple tools that have been created for me. It has taken me about a year to wrap my head around this, and through many failures I feel like I am slowly starting to master it.

The coaches who have duplicated my lead are now seeing the results in their lives too.

You have given me back my mojo. I feel like my talents are not only utilized, but fairly (or generously rather) compensated.

I love living in the now. My children are so fun and Dave and I a closer than we’ve ever been.
It is just happening and I am really happy ,


P.S. THANK YOU and I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY want to earn my way to the Captain’s trip

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