Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Summer Vacation

Sure I'll do some fun stuff when I travel to Canada and Hawaii with family this year, but what I really need are more photos of you and me to use on the Facebook fanpage!

So the Team Beachbody Game Plan team has been kind enough to let me tag along for the "Summer of Success" events below as we count down to the big Leadership Event this fall!

This summer isn't all "playtime" for any of us. This is about maximizing what you get out of this opportunity and maximizing the number of people you help get healthy and fit.
You are a pro, you are relentless and I know you want to be a leader!

Let us show you some bast practices - live and in person. I have seen the agenda, and this is an event that will absolutely sharpen your tools and keep you on track as we blaze new trails to end this unnecessary trend of obesity.

Here's where I'll be:
Dallas, TX – July 24
Honolulu, HI – July 31
Nashville, TN – Aug 14
Las Vegas, NV – Sept 11
Chicago, IL – Sept 25

(The details will be in the coach's back office.)

I promise to comb my hair nice for photos, so I want to see YOU and your team at one of these events!

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever appear on the East Coast (you know, the one with all the water that is not the Pacific Ocean.) Do you ever bring Tony along?