Wednesday, July 07, 2010

35 Doctors Don't Lie

When we launched Shakeology, we had broken every business rule in the nutrition-marketing book. In fact even within the company I was being told this product would probably never sell.

We put more and more active ingredients in it to maximize its health benefits without compromising benefit in order to cut costs. We made it taste great despite those complex and potent ingredients which are not easy to mask. We didn't add a single preservative or artificial sweetener. And we made sure the source of the product was top notch and that the maximum amount of nutrition that an ingredient could supply was preserved without the normal destruction in mass-production processing.

This was a real feat. Yet even today, people look at it and think "it's expensive".

That's because their context is based on the junk we have been taught is "passable" as a meal replacement. That's like saying a computer is expensive when your little calculator has been working fine for you. There just is no comparison (unless all you want to do is that which a calculator can do.)

Personally, I don't just need a primary source of protein in a shake. I am a-ok with protein! It's the vegetables and fruits, the fiber, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, prebiotics etc that I don't get enough of! And that's why Shakeology is best in class.

Compared to what little nutrition you get when you drink a canned meal replacement or spend as much as $6 - $10 for lunch or breakfast at a fast-food place, it's an incredible value!

Our entire organization was blown away when doctors began volunteering their support for this product. But it makes sense; They see patients all day long and beyond prescribing drugs, a doctor has very few alternative they can recommend to a patient to build their baseline of health. Until now. Shakeology is truly a game changer.

The following presentation is going to evolve as more doctors give us their comments. But after just it's first year on the market, Shakeology has over 35 doctors can be counted not just as fans, but ongoing users as well. You can see the complete comments and letters from these doctors on this page at!


Coach Renee - said...

You are so right Carl! - I have become a HUGE fan of Shakeology not only because of what it has done in my health & life - but now I've seen friends and family get the BEST blood work-ups of their lives, lose the weight and start living with renewed energy again!
Thank you so much for taking the risk and putting something out there that is positively changing lives!

stephen0172 said...

I love this video, it's really powerful I think. Just makes you hungry for a Shakeology shake doesn't it?

Judy said...

I have to admit Carl, I was one of those people saying it was too expensive at first! I became a coach because I loved the results I got from the fitness programs. I loved the support I got within the community, and that caused me to like and trust Beachbody.

When I first heard about the price of Shakeology, I had sticker shock! I also didn't think that I would like the taste.

I tried it at Summit in 2009, and liked it well enough to take two bags home. After experimenting with different ways to prepare it, I LOVE it...even when it's just mixed with water!

Now I'm convinced that it's WELL worth the money! My husband and I have both been drinking it nearly every day since March of 2009. I haven't been sick once, and that is unusual for me. I normally get at least one bad cold per year...some of them lasting for several weeks. In fact, I was sick while AT the Summit in 2009! I made sure that I had plenty of shakeology before leaving for California this year, and my body's immune system is now so strong that it resisted all of those germs bouncing around in those airplanes!

I was in the grocery store today looking at all of the frozen meals that a lot of my customers say that they use for their lunch. They were at LEAST $3 or $4!

I can have a Shakeology for $3, and it is CLEARLY more healthy than those meals!

Thanks for sticking to your guns!

Judy Zavislak
("cani" on the Beachbody message boards)

Mike Montalvo said...

Very cool video indeed. One thing I am always told by some doctors and some Pharmacist is, if you eat well you don't need multivitamins or anything similar, but like it was mentioned before, it is so hard to eat proper, so hard to get all the nutrients, the amount of different foods that require to be within the same meal would be insane, tons of eating in order to get the right amounts. So I agree we need to use stuff like this, at the moment I can't afford it, but once things get better I will be purchasing this product :o)

Also, thank you for having this company, beachbody has changed my life :o)