Saturday, August 20, 2005

150,000 WOWY workouts so far in 2005!

Congratulations to everyone who is using WOWY for consistency and accountability to stay on schedule with their body transformation!

On Thursday Aug 11th we crossed over the 150,000 workouts mark, cumulative for 2005! That means over 150,000 times, people from all across the country and the world have logged in to "Work Out With You" and that's pretty cool!

Our peak so far was 248 people signed-on at the same time during a live Power 90 web cast workout with Tony a few weeks ago (shown here). It was a blast to have everyone working out with us as Tony did his thing live from the Beachbody office workout room. At the end of the telecast we gave away two autographed P90X posters and a special offer on Peak Recovery Formula.

WOWY was an idea I had one morning when I was not inclined to get out of bed to workout. I got to thinking how gyms have an advantage over us since if I am supposed to meet someone at the gym or show up for a class, I will get out of bed on schedule. But when it's just me, with no witnesses, it's easy to blow it off. The idea for WOWY was born as a way to connect people for workouts so there would be some external pressure to show up, and some motivation to log in and see that you are not alone. At any given moment you know there are other people out there, pushing play on their DVD player, working up a sweat in the rec room.

My favorite thing about WOWY is seeing how people connect to be success buddies. When we built this system and applied for the patent, we weren't sure people would get it. So we just went for it, and pretty much let it sit there to see if people would figure it out. They have, in ways we never even imagined.

We've seen people use WOWY to stay connected "virtually" with loved ones who were in Iraq by scheduling WOWY workouts together. We've seen friends create workout groups around workout times and keep each other accountable. We've seen people compete for consistency, tracking "perfection" in consecutive days without a missed session. And there are so many applications we have yet to pursue -- like getting businesses to use WOWY to track and reward employee involvement in fitness programs, or letting doctors motivate their patients to get active by leading them to WOWY for motivation.

And with the price of gas these days, I am hoping people think of WOWY as the way to keep connected socially with people for workouts. As more and more people are choosing to save the time and money they normally spend driving back and forth to the gym by simply working out at home, WOWY let's you still feel a sense of community while you're working on your transformation.

That's why we didn't close WOWY off to just Beachbody members and Beachbody products. It has a different look and feel from the rest of the site because we wanted everyone to use it, regardless of their product affiliation. I remain hopeful that regardless of what program a person is doing, they will find support and motivation within WOWY by signing on and staying accountable. I know personally how much easier it is to hit the snooze button at 5:30AM than it is to hit the play button - unless you have a WOWY success buddy who's going to be looking for you online.

OK... I've got myself kind of revved up on this all over again. Here's what I'm gonna do, right here in my blog; I'm putting up $500 to motivate people to WOWY on Wednesday August 31st and Thursday September 1st at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

On August 31st I will randomly pick someone from those logged in and working out in WOWY at at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

The next day, Sept. 1, as I log in for my WOWY workout at 9PM ET/6PM PT I will post in my WOWY greeting (the message that appears under my picture as I workout in WOWY) who won the $500... But the winner MUST log in to WOWY for both sessions to get the cash -- if they don't show for Thursday 9PM ET/6PM PT, there's no dough.

If there's no winner, I'll do it again, rolling the money over to the next challenge date (TBD) perhaps adding a little more cash to the bucket.

Let me be clear before the lawyers swoop down on me for this - there is no purchase needed -- WOWY is free to anyone who logs in, and you don't have to be doing a Beachbody program to qualify. You can be doing a half hour of toe touches, and you will be just as eligible as someone earning their chance doing Tear It Up from the Slim Series.

My goal here is to see how many people we can get online to WOWY at one time in a late workout in the middle of the week. If you plan on showing up, I would love it if you would invite someone you know who could use a motivational moment to get started with something and use the chance t win $500 t bring them to the party. I'd love to see a big WOWY number for both nights.

So if you want to maybe win $500, and no matter what, get a workout in with a hundred or more people from all over the world, I hope to see you there on Aug 31 and Sept 1 at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

And nonetheless, let's celebrate the 150,000th WOWY workout thus far in 2005, and continue our march to 200,000!


Anonymous said...


Wow! That is one generous offer, my friend! I will be there, even without the cash as an incentive (though I AM getting to the point of needing a new wardrobe! yippee!!). I usually work out first thing in the morning, but will plan accordingly those days for the late nights (I'm EST).

I have to tell you how much I love WOWY. I actually had been doing P90 for about 40-some odd days before I logged on to it. I figured that it really wasn't for me and that I didn't need it. I thought that I had all the motivation that I needed! Boy, was I wrong! Joining WOWY has made such a difference in how I regard my alarm at 6 a.m! I hate to miss a workout knowing that someone else is counting on me to be there! Other than my church, I have never been with people that are so encouraging and non-judgmental. It's not about looks or how that bathing suit fits, or how great your WOWY photo is! It's all about health and feeling great! For that, I thank you for coming up with the WOWY concept! (that, and now I don't have to try to find child care to work out!) Oh, and can we say, "NO MEAT MARKET!!"

So, rock on, all you WOWY'ers out there!! And congrats to all of us on that 100K mark!!!

LoriJ said...

Hi Carl! I'm scheduled!!! Actually I was the first...who knew?!?! Looking forward to it!!! If I win, I'll be able to afford to go to the Chicago Camp in April. Then I'll just have to convince my husband to drive!!! (10 hours) It's possible!

Congrats on 100,000th WOWY!!! And thanks so much for all you do at BeachBody to make my life (and as a result, my family's) better!!!

PS--Would it be possible to add a spot to WOWY to search for people doing certain workouts??? EX. search for 90X scheduled workouts. Just an idea!!! As if you have nothing better to do and need more on your plate. ;) Take care, Carl!!! See you August 31 and Sept. 1.

Carl Daikeler said...

Thanks for signing up! (I should have mentioned to people that they should go to schedule their workout and select a Success Buddy, but I guess they'll figure it out like they always do!)

That's an interesting idea for searching. I'll talk to Erick about it. Thanks!

Carl Daikeler said...

By the way Lori -- you are MY "front" success buddy (that means, I am your "back buddy"). It will be interesting to see who signs up next and is my back buddy!

Anne said...

Hey Carl,
Have my workouts scheduled for 8pm CT both nights. Doug F and I started a new round of P90X at the same time. I have a blast checking in with him via email to see how his workouts are progressing.
I don't have WOWY buddies because my workout times are so sporadic, but I don't very often miss a day...and it's partially due to WOWY. At first I didn't see the point, but it's part of my routine now. I log in while I'm putting my shoes on and away I go. Every once in a while I "run into" forum friends and it makes my day.
When I met you 3 years ago in Lincoln, NE...Did I ever imagine I'd do anything like the X? Or get in this kind of shape? Never in a million years!
Man...where would I be if I hadn't met Doug and Tammie who advised us to buy the tapes? Don't want to think about that!
Thanks, Carl. Your enthusiasm 3 years ago at my then small success, has stayed with me over the past 3 years. Beachbody is tops in my book!
Anne D. in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl, I am Mariángeles Larrazábal Pitto . I am a international consumer service. I am spanish. I sent a email to BB consumer service to order Turbo Jam, the SS and the PHH dvd the day before the release of Turbo Jam (14 august). On the past Thursday (18 of August) I received a email with the price and details of the order. I replied back immediately confirming my decision as well as providing my adress, phone number, my credit card and the expiration date for billing. Now is 23 of august and I know nothing about my order. On the past Sunday I sent a mail asking what’s up with my order and there is not reply. Why I can’t order using your web site? The international orders for BB must be done by email, not over the phone or the website. Using the emails I have to wait more time. Now is 23 of August and I still waiting a email saying you have placed my order. This is really frustrating.I hope I will have the chance to order using your website soon. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me I wanted to say I am an international consumer. The rest is correct.


Carl Daikeler said...

Hi Mariángeles (Cool name, by the way)

International orders are handled within customer service genrally on a case by case basis. We have not expanded the capacity to automatically serve outside North America, mostly because we still have a lot of work to do to get it right here first.

Nonetheless, send me your contact information to and I will have someone contact you to see if we can ship you product.


LoriJ said...

Hi to my WOWY "back" buddy, Carl!!! I was on Tony's chat last night and he was talking about MOTIVATION! Great topic. I've mentioned this in some threads, but a busy guy like you may not be able to read the ALL!!! ;) So I thought I'd come here and communicate my idea to you. I use our Family Room as a workout room and have one wall dedicated to BeachBody (shelves full of DVD's, Yoga stuff, weights, bands, etc.) Only thing lacking is pictures. I don't mean posters, but 8x10 size photos. It would be really motivational to have a picture of Tony and one of Debbie to frame and place in my workout area...Maybe I'll call it my "wall of honor". Maybe even a photo of my buddy, Carl! :o) Also as certain phrases have really motivated me in the right direction it might me great to have those made as fridge magnets available for the peeps! "Do your best and forget the rest!!!" ~Tony H. "Consistency....That's what it takes!!!" ~ Debbie S. or even "BRING IT!!!" To keep us focused on the task at hand!!! Cheap, but powerful!!! ??? Just an idea.

BTW loved the live workout!!! It was alot of fun! My hubby hooked our laptop up to the TV. Posted pictures under "Mybeachbody Premium Diet thread"...under "Hi Mybeachbody newbies". Check it out!

Take care, Carl....

Anonymous said...

Good Tuesday to you, Carl!

I signed up to WOWY on the 31st and 1st, but forgot to find my success buddy! Well, logged on again this morning and you were still there, so I chose you for both days. Don't know if I am your "back" buddy or not, but I'm all there for those days to sweat it out with you! Thanks for the encouragement!

LoriJ, I have a magnet with a quote from Winston Churchill that says, "Never never NEVER give up!" I'm sure that it refers to WWII, but I used to use it on the fridge to curb those sneaky snack attacks!

Missed the chat last night (sigh). Oh well, it was pretty crazy in there the last time anyway! Don't think I can type or read that fast!

Have a great one and see you in WOWY tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Mariángeles again. Carl thank you very much for your help and your compliment. I have sent the contact information right now. Excuse my impatience but I did not know what to do.I know you are very busy with the Turbo Jam orders and I did not want to bother you.Thank you very much.


AlfaSunshine said...

Contratulations on this great milestone!! Wowy is great!!

Anonymous said...

I am Mariángeles again, thank youvery much Carl. I have received a email of Ariel Insurriaga giving me the number of my order and saying you have placed my order. Thank you very much for your help.I can't wait to try the SS, TJ and SS. I have P90X and this series is fantastic.



Judy (aka Cani) said...

Hi Carl! WOWY was a fantastic idea! I use it all the time, and it works just the way you said. When I'm tempted to hit snooze, I think "so-and-so will be looking for me".

9PM is kind of late for me, but I'll see if I can swing it. I'll be doing TURBO JAM! Just came today!

The LIVE workout with Tony was incredible. I would LOVE to see that added as a regular feature, but maybe the technology isn't there for that yet?


Kaatje for The Netherlands said...

Hi Carl, A very Good afternoon from out the Netherlands (time 14.05).
What a great idea, , But it is to bad I cannot be part of the workout !! because on 31 of AUG my son will turn 10, and you have made a schedule for (9 PM-ET) but at that time it is here (3 AM- ET) in the morning , and because we where(My Son's and me)
invited to celebrate his birthday on my sister's and her husband's boot ,I have to get op early .
And in other too get your challenge right ,I have to do two day's (31AUG 9PM & 1SEPT 9PM)
so I can only do one of the two day's,(if I can get out of my bed hahahaha)
I hoop you will get a lot of people out of (US & Europe) to login.
So I what to say to all the motivated people out there have a great workout .
Ps Carl I want to thank you for making sure my (questions's) went to the right email by Beachbody,

Greetings Karin Lobo.
Membername by
CommunityMessage Boards (kaatje). .

j white said...

Hello everyone. I am new although I bought my DVDs several months ago and only watched them for one week.I may be typical of people who fail at excercise. However, I would like to try again. I would like to ask for a few replies to learn how to join you all on the 31st of August and the 1st of Sept. I have my 1st laptop and do not know how to do much except email and surf sometimes. thank you.

Janie DEl Toro said...

my name is Janie Del Toro, i have tryed calling several times to customer service and cancell my order and i am very upset, that i can not get throught, and when i finally get thru today sep 4, 2005, at 13:15 to cancell my order, i was told the second order has already been sent, and it takes 6 weeks to get my money back. i inform the rep, i do not have any money in my acct. and if things start bouncing in my checking acct. that some one is going to pay for the insufficants. it not my fault i cant get thru. i spoke to audriana and a superviser joel, which would not give me there last name. they both were very rude, especially audrina. is this how you do yr business and hire rude reps to handle yr calls.. i do not want anymore shipments and i will be returning the second product back as soon as i get it. i hope that you can resolve the problem and the rude reps that you have working for you. my no. 832 715 1465, email i live in houston, texas, i will get this investigated by our news caster marvin zenler, channel 13. because it shouldn't take this long to get thru customer service. i also tryed cancelling thru email...

p.s. thx

Carl Daikeler said...

There's the good, the bad... there's the ugly. I have to apologize for this kind of stuff way more than any CEO would, or should have to. First, you're right. And we are working on every disease which created the symptoms you have outlined. Second, customer servie will look into your issue right away.

I will add though, that this is not the place I would choose to list your personal contact info. Not sure how you can delete it from here, but if you like I can look into it. There is an email system on the website which is pretty fast in responding to inquiries. The hones of late have been very difficult to manage, and we are outsourcing a great deal of the work to try and increase capacity.

Sorry for the issues. I assure you the situation will be fixed. But no matter what, remember the motivation you had to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. We can fix the economic and logistical impact of this, but you need to keep the motivation and healthy decision alive for your own good! That's the real point.