Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Tonight (Wednesday 8/31) is the night -- at 8PM ET/5PM PT I start my live chat, then at 6PM (or slightly after) I will log into WOWY for my workout, and we will draw a name randomly from the WOWY members who are working out at that moment... then tomorrow (Thursday) night at 9PM/6PM again, if that person shows up, I will announce in my WOWY log-in message who won (that's the message that appears under my photo inside the WOWY virtual gym).

The only way to find out if you won by doing a WOWY workout on Wednesday at 6PM PDT, is to show up for a WOWY workout by 6PM Thursday. (And no, I will not reveal who it is if they DON'T show up... I'll just reschedule it, and we'll try it again in a week or so.)

I will announce the winner here on my blog on Friday morning though, assuming there is a winner.

I'll be doing P90X Core Synergistics tonight, one of my all time favorite workouts. My WOWY Success Buddies who should be showing up are LoriJ, betsyb, and psalm9567. I hope to see YOU there!

Speaking of WOWY, we found a minor glitch in the statistics; the timing of the celebration for crossing over 100,000 workouts by Aug 19th was late. When I announced that milestone a few posts ago, I happened to notice at that time that we had also logged over 150,000 hours of workouts. I did the math. I thought, "No way do we average an hour and a half per workout." So I emailed Erick Hoppe, the man at the top of the WOWY pyramid, to ask if he could look for a glitch. So yesterday, I'm watching the stats again, and notice that now we've actually logged in over 150,000 WOWY workouts, and just over 100,000 hours of workout time. The stats were flipped! The good news is, we crossed over the 150,000 workout level on August 11th -- so the momentum of WOWY is building faster than I even expected! And even better, people are succeeding and spending less than an hour a day on average doing it - and there's no drive time to the WOWY gym! That's a winning combination!

So here's to a great chat at 5PM PT, and workouts tonight and tomorrow night at 9PM/6PM -- with a chance to win 500 smackers... I hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carl/Buddy!!

I will be there, hopefully, for chat, but definitely for the workout! My husband and I will be doing P90 sweat 3/4 plus Ab Ripper 200. I look forward to WOWY'ing with you tonight! Today is my day 82, so here's to finishing strong!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get confused about workout times with the different areas and time zones so I hope I read it right and I will be working out on 7 p.m. mt in the Northwest Territories....wishing everyone success and all the best...mrth

Mary Cecy said...

HI Carl!!
I made it a bit late but I made it. I was walking and at the store buying school supplies for the 2 little ones. Summer was lots of fun and it just flew by. I will be there today, hopefully after college shopping for my oldest. I preview Turbo Jam and it is AMAZING!! I am in love. The music, the workout, the burn, and Chalene. She is great.

I like the videography and how you incorporated the people from last Hawaii trip in the promo. It looks great.

Till tonite! XO Peace

Carl Daikeler said...

I think we peaked at 83 in WOWY at 6:10PM PT yesterday. Not bad for a late weeknight! Thanks to everyone who came by the chat, especially to my Success Buddies who showed up!

I have the "winning name" for the $500 sitting on my desk. If that person shows up at 6PM PT tonight -I'll log in for my WOWY session and reveal the name.

If we get a "no show", then I will announce a date to try again.

LoriJ said...

Hey Carl! Great to workout with you yesterday! I did KenpoX and really "kicked" it into gear!!! Looking forward to working out tonight! Finishing up Phase 1 of P90X, so I'm on my recovery week. Tonight is XStretch...looking forward to that!!! Thanks for all you do for us, Carl!!! I really do appreciate it!!! BeachBody has really changed my life for the better and I'm so very thankful!!!


PS Check out my last comment on your blog from August 20! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good evening, Carl!

Last night was fun! I really punched up my intensity knowing that you were sweating and working it, too, all the way across the country! I will be doing Sculpt 3/4 tonight, so bring on the squats! :)

I love WOWY'ing with you; thanks for the idea of the online gym! See you in 25 minutes!

Carl Daikeler said...

In case you missed it, MyBeachbody member "MissBeth" won the $500. She showed up literally 20 seconds before I was going to log in and say we had a no-show, and the contest would rollover.

But it was interesting enough that i think we'll do it again. Thanks to everyone who played!

Mary Beth Powell said...

Carl, this is MissBeth. I am wondering when I will get an official notice, or when I will get the check, or how it is going to work? I haven't ever won anything more than a gift card to Target, that was when the odds were like 5 to 1 that I might win. I just was curious since I'd gotten no email or anything.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to send you my email with the last comment. It's Thanks. Mary Beth