Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Aloha... Here we come!

Each year around this time we encourage people to submit their before and afters from Tony Horton-trained programs like Power 90 and P90X. People submit photos, success stories from one to ten pages long, weight loss and inches statistics, and even home videos for consideration as we put together the group we'll invite to our annual success celebration in Kauai, Hawaii.

Sept 1st is the deadline for the 2005 trip, scheduled for Oct 15th to the 21st, and the next batch of inspiration is starting to come in with some impressive results: We're seeing 100 lbs weight loss stories, couples succeeding together with Power 90 and P90X, people getting off anti-depressants, grandmothers "crushing it" with P90X, physical rehab success, washboard abs, muscle makeovers, and even some kids who have taken matters into their own hands to get themselves in shape where their school fitness programs weren't doing the trick. Like I said, inspiration. These are the stories that will inspire a whole new set of customers to "get it", to stop cutting corners and to do the work, follow the diet plan, and get the results.

This year I am particularly interested in seeing what kind of abdominal transformations we get, and am hopeful we see a family or two send in their information for consideration. (There happens to be a cable network that wants to cover the trip if we happen to feature a family success story!)

We don't do this trip as a "carrot" to get people to use the programs they bought from us. It's actually a very efficient way for us to gather testimonials from authentic success stories. And it's extremely efficient to do it in one location, one that is conducive to motivating future potential customers to want to achieve their own "Beachbody" success; and that ideal setting is the beaches of Kauai.

Pure Kauai manages the events and activities while we are on the island. It always includes a variety of hikes, outrigger canoeing, kayaking, and of course a bunch of workouts with Tony Horton. The meals are generally healthy, although I've seen things migrate to the hotel bar often enough to know that this doesn't qualify as a pure Kauai "health vacation".

This trip is a lot of work for our team. In fact, what we thought would be a perk, is actually exhausting for the staff. That's because there is a lot of pressure to make sure the guests have a great time, but that we also get great testimonials. It's heavy lifting. But it's so worth it.

No matter how much work it is though, the most gratifying aspect of the week is not the moment I set foot on the beach at the Sheraton, or get a morning run in at sunrise along the coast, or see the 360 degree vista from the top of the Sleeping Giant. For me, the Hawaii trip is an annual touchstone, a chance to learn first hand how our programs can touch people's lives. All year long we get success stories that inspire us. But they come in amidst the operational, customer service, and other challenges of running a business day to day. But when I finally get a chance to sit across from customers and hear how they succeeded with our programs and their own determination, everything we do seems so worth it.

And with that in mind, I look forward to this year's celebration, and to meeting a diverse group of people who had what it takes to get the most from the tools we offer. Aloha!


j white said...

How exciting. I just want to comment that I ignored most of my beachbody messages to my email because i felt like I had failed in my mission. My mission was to use the BB DVD's I had ordered to start a new workout routine! The inspiration to go to Hawaii with a new boby is exciting AND MOTIVATIONAL.

Mary Cecy said...

Hey my bro Carl!!! Hawaii looks fabulous. I am sending you video. Just feeling a bit nervous. I did the beg workouts and I forgot to do the end workouts. I only got 2 more days!!

I received Turbo Jam (aka TJ on the site) and it looks amazing. You really out did yourselves and I haven't even open the tapes. So get ready for more probs!!

Well if I don't make it to Hawaii at least I know I am a winner and a success in every way.

Carl Daikeler said...

It's interesting to use the Hawaii trip as motivation -- as long as you don't set your heart on it, because then it's possible to feel like the effort to get healthy wasn't worth it.

Bottom line is, whatever gets you motivated to use a program that works, never let the sizzle of motivation outweigh the absolute necessity of staying active and eating sensibly, period.

Mary Cecy said...

Carl you are so right. The effort to get healthy outweights anything else out there (bikini, looking good, trip). The feeling inside after I finish a workout, the energy can't be compare to anything else in the world. Knowing that I am healthy is where the money is. Variety is just a bonus!!

XO See you in chat tonite and WOWY!

Anne said...

Right on, Carl. I agree with your bottom line...among other things. It always worries me when I read that someone is doing a program to look good for someone or something. What happens if that relationship or destination goes south? Not good! Then you hear those comments like 'what's the point of working out' or 'I did all that and...'
Ultimately the most powerful motivation comes from within and the desire to be and stay healthy. Exercise is crucial to me now, instead of casual. When I have to skip something in my day, it's not exercise or a healthy meal anymore. I love it that my body looks better, but what keeps me going isn't visible on the outside. If I relied on a size 4 to keep me motivated, I wouldn't make it long. There are too many bumps in that road!
Thanks Carl.
How I feel each day means way more to me now than I'll ever be able to adequately relate through words.