Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yes, Fitness Videos Are For Men Too

When I workout, I DO use our fitness videos. I don't like working out in the gym surrounded by people or having a trainer counting my reps. I prefer to go it alone, getting my training from the DVD player. The results I got in these photos are from exactly 90 days using P90X. That sometimes surprises people, that a guy really would use fitness videos sold on an infomercial to get those results.

Last night in a focus group for the Turbo Jam product there were men in the group who were proclaiming that they would probably never buy a workout video because "workout videos are for women." It's a common perspective which points out how far we have to go to promote that exercise videos are not ALL dancing and kickboxing.

Video is an incredibly efficient medium of delivering consistent professional training instruction to men and women - with emphasis on your goal whether it is to lose weight, get toned, or perhaps even get totally ripped.

That's the case for Beachbody customer and college senior Jamie Roberts. I wanted to share an unsolicited email I got from him today relating his experience in just the first 17 days using Power 90. This is a great example of how a program can take the guess-work out of fitness, even for someone who has been working out for years. I will paste his email in its entirety below:


My name is Jamie Roberts. I have been lifting weights and working out since my junior year of high school. In a few weeks I will be starting my senior year of college. When I started lifting I was around 6'0" and 205 lbs, not very tone and not lean at all. I continued to lift and workout and when my sophomore year of college ended, I was around 6'2" and 198 lbs. That is the least I've ever weighed and I still couldn't get ripped. I was working out all the time and participated in many activities such as basketball and cycling. I changed my workout this past year of college, I became really dedicated to weight lifting. I seen my max bench press go from 250 lbs to 315 lbs in about 5 months. However, I also seen my weight go from around 205 lbs to 240 lbs. The day I maxed 315 lbs and weighed myself at 241 lbs, I decided to change some things.

I decided to put the dedication I put into strength training, into dropping the weight, getting ripped and in the best shape of my life. About a month into my summer vacation, I realized that I wasn't doing anything towards that goal and the dedication wasn't there. My diet during the months of power lifting was very poor. So I decided to order Power 90. I had always been skeptical of things I see on infomercials, writing them off automatically and not giving them any thought. Something drew me to Power 90. Upon ordering it, I changed my diet completely, I cut out all of the junk that I was putting into my body. When I recieved Power 90, I read the program guide. I also found the Michi's Ladder card to be very helpful in building a great diet. When I recieved it, I stopped lifting weights and started Power 90, following all of the guidelines that were laid out. Having power lifted for 7 straight months, I have been through some pretty tough workouts, I seen after day one of Power 90 that it was for real. I honestly expected it to be something that I would breeze through, boy was I wrong. I have to admit, and being a very strong and somewhat in-shape guy, it kind of hurts, but I had to use my pause button a few times throughout the first several workouts.

Today I finished my 17th day of the Power 90 program. I remembered reading on page one of the guide that you wanted to hear feedback. I try not to look in the mirror often, but after todays workout, after just 17 days, the results are already showing. The results are very noticable in my chest. My arms are starting to get definition and become toned. I am seeing my stomach and waist shrink. During the weight gain I sustained during power lifting, I developed love handles and didn't have very much firmness to my abs at all, I'm starting to see all of that go away and my abs are starting to shine through. I am on day 17 of Power 90 and I just want to say that this is for real. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't do this halfway, and I haven't. I can't say how excited I am that I already see results and it's just day 17, I can't wait to see what my body will look like on day 90. I have already had several people comment me on my weightloss and the toning of my muscles. That is the ultimate motivation, when other people notice your hard work and dedication, and now, I notice it too. To you, Mr.Congdon, and Mr.Horton I say thank you. Thank you for developing a program that along with dedication and hard work, really works. Thank you for taking the time to read this also.

Thank You,
Jamie Roberts

I emailed Jamie to ask him for permission to include that kind email in my blog, and this was his response:

Mr. Daikeler,

Hi. Yes, I would be more than happy if you used my story in your blog. I honestly think I've already influenced a few people around here. When I ordered Power 90, I heard from several people things like "you know that isn't going to work" and things like "I would never trust a workout from a infomercial." Now that they see the results that I am getting, they say nothing. I am very flattered that you want to use my story. Once again. Thank you.


Jamie Roberts

I know for guys like Jamie, having the persistence to "push play" on the DVD player can be a tough hurdle to overcome -especially if you've been athletic in the past and look down your nose at videos. I know my own brother has found it hard to stay motivated after he lost 20 pounds using Slim in 6, whereas my 40-something year old sister gets into every video we produce and now has the body of a teenager.

So, to my brother, my attorney, investment banker and friends who have "convinced" themselves they cannot stay with it, I say - "stop making excuses and please, make the time in your day to push play!"

First, do it for yourself. That directly translates into a better quality of life with your kids. Your back will thank you. Your knees will thank you. Your mirror will thank you. And it's highly likely your wife will thank you too.


absmom said...

cheers!! I, being the female side of my home team, actually followed in my husbands footsteps. He was the one to make the BB purchase. He was working hard too- not unlike Jamie- to get into better shape after the months and months of the "gym thing"...
I'm grateful that he was confident enough (in himself and the infomercial) to take the proverbial plunge.
He made amazing changes, I followed suit shortly thereafter.
Historically there are amazing MALE pioneers blazing paths for the world to see- why should personal health, fitness and well-being be any different?
I wonder sometimes if it is just skepticism or maybe an excuse on some (if not subconscious) level...? Anyone capable of convincing themselves they CAN'T stick with it has the same capabilities of turning it around.

oh, and one more thing...INVESTMENT BANKER!!??!!??

Mary Cecy said...

Congrats to Jamie, Carl and your sister and all of the wonderful people that day in and day out, have made this work. The gym is not for everyone and some people don't like tapes. As long as you are doing what you must do to be in shape, you will find people like Carl, Jon, Tony, Debbie, Charlene, Kathy, George, and countless trainers and dedicated people that want to make sure that others succeed. Thanks!

Jamie, KPP and eat healthy. You are going to be AWESOME!!!

Mary Cecy said...

BTW, nice pic Carl!! Total motivation. XO

Gary Bentley said...

For a slightly different perspective... I am male and an English/Australian (born in England, emigrated to Australia about 3 years ago).

For those non-Americans out there here's some reasons why I think you should seriously consider buying BB products (apart from the obvious, lose weight and get fit...)

1. The BeachBody company, people on the forums and products are genuine. I've been using the programs now for over 7 months and unlike most of the American junk you see on the T.V. this program actually works (in Australia they have awful morning segments with lots of fit people, with wonderful looking Abs I might add, on insane looking machines going at it for ages whilst silly looking presenters read out some dire canned-text). Using the P90 for 6 months I lost over 55lbs (that's about 25kgs for Ozzies) and have got fitter and fitter...

2. Tony Horton (how do I put this delicately... no offense intended to U.S. folks) is NOT your standard type of American get-up-and-go in-your-face exercise guru-jerk. Tony knows his stuff, has put together some great programs and as an instructor is helpful, funny and not too "American" (non-Americans know what this means). Basically Tony is a nice guy who is not your standard American-exercise-jerk... He's the kind of guy you would happily go for a drink with and that's good since you are inviting him into your home every night!

3. The support forums are excellent, and unlike most forums are full of people wanting to provide help and support for others. This gives these programs a real edge because anytime you need help or some reassurance that you are "normal" because you keep falling over then you can get it... Also, there are fitness experts on the forums who provide useful advice quickly on just about any aspect of the programs from diet to the exercise...

4. Unlike most exercise programs the BB ones are NOT standalone, for example I started on the P90 (when I was 280lbs, about 20 stone for UK folks, about 127kgs for Ozzies), 6 months on I am doing the P90X. You don't just do an ab workout for 6 seconds and they are fabulous in 2 weeks... you work at it and improve and get healthier and feel better about yourself... There is a variety of programs to choose from so there's something for everyone.

5. There is no bull with the BB programs you have to work hard but the results are great and they come. There is no 2 minute workout twice a week that will then get that fabulous body even though you are still stuffing down the chocolate bars (I'm afraid that programs that promise that are lying)... That's what attracted me to the P90, it was the first infomercial I had EVER seen that said I had to work hard to get slim AND I had to eat right... Again this is the first American fitness program I have ever seen that says that...

Overall the P90 and P90X have changed my life and my attitude towards my life, I now feel more empowered and confident to do the things I want to do. You won't find better programs than this ANYWHERE and they DO work...

And now onto my gripe... (there had to be one...!), I wish the programs were available to buy in Australia and England (I've checked) but they aren't... However, that said, I've found it cheaper to actually buy the programs from the U.S. have them couriered over to Australia than it would have been in gym fees... and to be fair they are very reasonably priced...

I'd advise anyone in Australia or England who REALLY wants to lose some weight AND get fit to buy a BB program... you won't regret it (as long as you stick with it!).


Carl Daikeler said...

We've got operational/customer service issues that need fixing here before I can contemplate taking this business model off shore! But I am glad there is a way for you to access the material here though -- and it's always impressive to see how some people just "get it".

Now if we could only pass that same passion and confidence through the medical community, businesses, schools, etc., then our brand of "in home fitness" would explode. For now, we'll tell the story on TV, and hope people hear it consistently enough that they begin to see through medium (infomercial) and see the value and efficiency of trainging with video.

Gary Bentley said...

Hi Carl,

I understand completely, servicing the overseas market is extremely difficult. The trouble is because I know that the programs work and I am passionate about them I want my fellow countrymen/women to benefit from them. I'm just anxious to get them over here so the message can be spread! It pains me to see so many obese people over here when there are tools (that work) available to help them but they don't know about them...

I know from my own point of view I would never have been able to lose the weight I have (or get into the shape I am, especially from using the P90X) without having the DVDs and been able to do them in my own home... I detest gyms and the "gym mentality", working out at home is so much more convenient... but I'm sounding like an infomercial!

I'm already a walking advert for P90, only today a woman I haven't seen for a couple of months asked about my weight loss, she believed I "wasn't eating enough", alas, it's more that I used to eat too much!

Keep up the great work, I'm already seeing great results from just 3 weeks of the P90X...


Anonymous said...

Hi,Carl Your P90X results are amazing.The P90X rocks¡I have made the best decision of my life when I ordered the P90X. I don't need to lose weight but I am losing inches and body fat. I have never train in a gym and now I am in the best shape of my life using home workouts.Do you know something new about the Turbo Jam release date ? I can't wait to order.


Carl Daikeler said...

Turbo Jam looks on track to launch on the website on Aug 12th! We are very excited to put this one out there - Chalene is a scream!