Thursday, January 26, 2006

Live in Miami, It's Tony Horton!

The email is going out today inviting MyBeachbody members to the first official Beachbody weekend event - TONY HORTON LIVE in MIAMI!. Members have the first right to attend, then if there's still room, we'll open it up to the community at large.

The event is Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2, and it will play out very similar to the fitness camps that Tony and friends have been staging for the past couple of years. The main difference though is Beachbody will be officially represented there so you can get product on site (special deals, of course) and we will set-up an interview station for people to give their comments on camera about the event, Power 90, Tony, etc. That video plus other video shots from the event (plus home video the customer submits) will then be part of what customers can use in order to be eligible for the $500 "video success story" cash, and expand our library of success stories.

I am going to go to Miami for that weekend to meet customers and their friends, to participate, and talk about some new stuff Beachbody is developing. I'm excited to see who signs up. (I do not promise to dance or yodel at the event, but you never know)

If you are inclined to join me/us, especially if you live in South Florida, I hope you sign up early, because space really is limited. The date of the next events in Chicago, New York, and LA will be announced in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there!


AZTLGRL said...

Dude I hope you have a kickin' shuffleboard tournament...Say HI to the Golden Girls for! Oh I'm just jealous, Lucky dogs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Carl!!! Can't wait to hear more!

BTW .... CARL, Could you get your tech guys to add P90 MS UML and Cardio Intervals to WOWY??? I'm starting my 90 days on Monday and would like to schedule all my workouts, right now I'm putting those two under "other". Thanks!!!
Didn't know where else to post the request...hope you don't mind.

Lori J

Moodle said...

I'm thrilled to see beachbody bring this camp back to miami after wilma..

I sure hope those who originally were going to attend will come, and I hope I will be able to make the arrangements to be there too..

Can I offer a humble suggestion?

Can beachbody set up an offical thread at the top somewhere so people can coordinate with each other and workout all the details among each other that were not revealed in the email? That was a huge factor in the success of the last camps, having a thread where people could visit and motivate each other, and not only that but knowing who was interested in going as well, and who was going... I've gotten a phone call or two already ( and its only been a day ) that the planner( or agent ) is not revealing who is going. I know for alot of people knowing who is going is just as important as meeting TH. Beachbody is a community and we all want to hopefully one day meet up with people we have gotten inspiration from, its a big plus for alot of people..

Anyways, back to work for me, its simply a suggestion..


Mary Mc said...

I agree, Paul! I felt I really got to know the people who originally planned to come to Miami when I was posting on the Miami thread. I can't wait to meet all the terrific people who will be coming to this camp, too. That's the main reason I chose to come to the Miami camp over LA. See everyone soon!

Mary Mc

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl

Can't make Miami due to work schedule and project conflicts

Need to know about Chicago !!!! so I can get my vacation time schduled ---- hoping for May June timeframe so I can work around peak times on projects!

Please let us know about Chicago - there are many people waiting for this one.

Throw us a bone will ya! ?

Joyce aka Sage!

Anonymous said...

From looking at the blog, you seem to be the most "aggressively normal" person in the world! If this is truly who you are, you are one weird dude! That wasn't meant to be too rude, but my real reaction.

Carl Daikeler said...

Not sure how to resolve "aggressively normal" and "one weird dude"... although I would lean toward "one weird dude".

psyknife said...

I know ya'll are waiting for results from the Miami camp to announce the Chicago one... I hear that buzz is not too great right now. I think that the Miami camp got sprung on people rather quickly. I seriously hope to get more notice for the Chicago one because I, like so many others, have major money woes, so the longer I have to plan the better. Please take this into consideration. I've already seen tons of people around the boards buzzing about the Chicago camp, but with no dates set it's quite hard to truly buzz about it.
I think Chicago could possibly be the biggest camp you will have... so please don't put us off for too long.

Anonymous said...

I second psyknife's comments - I can't come to Miami - Work schedule conflicts.

I am so looking foward to Chicago and feel there is a large group ready to sign up for Chicago - almost feel from one of the comments on Miami board that this won't happen if Miami is a bust. Please don't penalize us that are planning for other camps because this one isn't what was expected.

Waiting waiting waiting for Chicago !

aka Sage824