Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Amazing Flying Jonathan

A couple weeks ago we hired Dane Sanders, Power 90 grad and professional photographer to take some photos of our company party as well as Tony's LA fitness camp.

We found Dane when he sent me a link to a site where he was encouraging wedding photographers across the country to get in shape and track their progress along with him.

Both events were great, as were the photos. In particular, this one of Jonathan Gelfand, general counsel of Product Partners. Jonathan started with us just recently, and was an instant/perfect fit with the culture of the company. He has a great sense of humor, and clearly great form of superman banana. We call this one "Come on, come to Daddy, Sophie. Closer. Closer."

1 comment:

DaneSandersInMotion said...

It was so great to work with you and your team Carl! I just got P90X and it is working me :)! Thanks for all you do ...