Wednesday, August 23, 2006

POW! They're Baaaack!

By popular demand, for anyone who wants a little extra "pow" in each Turbo Jam punch, we just put back up the weighted hand gloves for sale at

And for anyone who missed it (like, the three people in the world who didn't actually attend her Turbo Kick camp), the reviews are in and Bret and Chalene hit the ball out of the park as it relates to throwing an awesome event. Something like 150 Turbo Jam grads signed up to become Turbo Kick instructors. I pitty the fool who tries to take on these fit Turbo Junkies.


Dusk said...

DUDE!!!! It is soooo nice to see this post. Not because of the gloves either ;). I was almost feeling like there were sides to be picked. Thanks for putting this up!

AZTLGRL said...

DAYUM! Another one of my pics....
You guys should hire me to take pics for you.