Monday, August 14, 2006

The power of T Morrow

If you're a member of the MyBeachbody community, you may have seen the new icons promoting the fact that Traci Morrow is now the "host" of the site. (seen here with another Beachbody success story, her husband KC)

She's our own Julie McCoy, tasked with helping newbies and veterans get the most from the feature-rich weight loss and motivation club. Specifically, Traci will help members navigate MyBeachbody, introducing the unique tools available to maximize results. She will also organize challenges for members to keep everyone motivated.

Traci will select Success Stories to inspire and challenge us to overcome obstacles. She has her own Message Board thread and is active on the other MyBeachbody boards, answering questions and helping members interact, while gathering feedback from the community to help us continually improve the site.

She has a chat today at 5PM PT in the VIP chatroom, where I am sure the topic will be the Tony Horton Fitness camp in LA this weekend which Traci also helped organize and host.

Traci is an absolutely terrific person, and truly cares about everything she does and everyone she comes into contact with. We are lucky to have her on our team, and as a community, she will help motivate us all to get the best results possible!


Anonymous said...

She's the perfect person for the job, Carl! I've been visiting her thread for two years and she's really helped me personally over that time and she continues to do so! I love Traci and I can't wait to meet her in Chicago next month! (and Tony too, of course!)

Lori J
Ontario, Canada

irish_robbie said...

You couldn't have picked someone more perfect Carl!!

Traci is so helpful and such a personal inspiration to so many people, having gone through the successes and challenges we all have herself!!! Right on!!!