Friday, August 11, 2006

Malibu Beach Party!

Today was the second (sort of) annual Malibu Beach Party for the Beachbody team plus the early arrivals to Tony's Fitness Camp this weekend.

Before more photos, and I'm sorry I don't have a lot more, let me say that this year it was Shawn T (with me here) who stole the show with the reveal of his "Hip Hop Hustle", a dance that he created as part of a new fitness program we're developing for release later this year. Danny from operations won the grand prize for his showmanship as virtually the entire company got jiggy on the sand. (Special thanks to my exec assistant Philippa, one of the judges, who left me in the running up until the very end so I could demonstrate my not-so-subtle lack of coordination as long as possible.)

Lara and Heather from the production team and a little Tony.
Natasha (who is our very own success story having lost 60 pounds!), Ken (the runner up in the Hip Hop Hustle) and me.

And below, the Tony Horton faithful, (plus Debbie Siebers and Beachbody guide Traci Morrow) discussing how the customers are going to "bring it" at the camp starting this evening!

Notable is customer Michael Kucko in the blue shirt looking toward Sarah in the second photo of this set) (Akron in MyBeachbody) who looks great, and who deserves a special note as one of our first 100 pound weight loss success stories, and who has managed to cope with the ups and downs of weight maintenance with poise and determination to never let it get out of control! Nice work Michael!

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Thanks for the LA pics - I am going to Chicago - will you be joining us there?