Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And in other news, Turbo fans...

YES! Two all new Turbo Jam workouts are finally here!

Chalene, her crew, and the Beachbody development team have really done it this time, combining Chalene's energy and kicking music with a unique approach to using the core/thigh/bun tightening swiss ball.

The Turbo Jam library keeps getting better!

All the info should be available on the web within the next 24 hours, but I'll let you in on the best part here: In case you were wondering whether you HAD to buy a ball with these workouts (and you know who you are)... you won't -- because we're giving the ball away free with the workouts during the introduction!

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the new videos! (And don't forget to take your before/after photos, MyBeachbody members - the Million Dollar Body Game is coming.)


Anonymous said...

When can we get out hands on these new workouts? Its been almost 48 hours. =/

psyknife said...

Got the email this morning, Carl... and, order is placed! I can't pass up a free exercise ball! Not only are they great for working out, but they are sure fun to just sit on too ;-)
Thanks for another great promotion!!!!