Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From the "YES - Finally!" Department

As of yesterday,, also known to some as Product Partners, LLC, began shipping orders from a second fulfillment facility, located strategically in Columbus, OH so as to expedite delivery to our East Coast customers!

We will still fulfill from Torrance, CA, where our vendor Imagine Fulfillment has done a terrific job of responding to growth for the last four years. But with the aid of a logistics study by UPS, we determined that Columbus was one of the three spots in the U.S. where we would get the best delivery time to the entire contry if we added a shipping location.

Ops V.P., Neil Evans and his team selected in Columbus, OH is operated by Innotrac, not chosen just by location, but for their incredible automation. We're excited to see how this improves operations overall, and create a faster delivery time for customers who want it NOW! Here are some pictures taken by the team as they prepare for launch!

This is their continuity shipping machine. It will ship 2,800 - 3,800 packages per hour, crewed by just two or three people! It sets up the box, drops the product(s) into the box, stuffs the inserts, seals the box! It's a MONSTER which should drastically improve speed and accuracy of orders!

I think they have space for our stuff, and still room for flag football, which is important.

Operations' Ken morris checking a sea of packages, ready to get 'em sealed and get gone!

Innotrac staff on the left, Beachbody standouts Kenny Morris, Robert Kimura, and six-year veteran Heather Hanson all on the job, seeing to this massive expansion project. From what I hear, this team has done some heroics to launch this facility!

And by the way, this project would also be nowhere if it weren't for the round the clock attention of our IT/development staff. I swear, we'd probably be running the business off spreadsheets if not for this crew, and I tuly appreciate their tireless attention to the details to make us better.


David said...

Welcome to Columbus! I manage fulfillment for Becker, another one of ClientLogic's (now Innotrac )customers. I was there last Thursday and saw them getting ready to launch you guys. Chris Hunter strikes again.

Best of luck.


Ps. I found your blog from google alerts. It's set up to send me anything new on the web about Innotrac.

Anonymous said...


I live in Columbus Ohio and thank you for bringing your fulfilment process to our great state!

I truly hope that this a HUGE success for BB and its customers!

Joyce aka Sage
Columbus OH

Andrea said...


I got a weird email from Beachbody with the subject "testing"

This is what was in the body of the email. | Terry

Apparently, a lot of people who subscribed to the newsletters and are MyBeachbody members got the strange email too!

Do you know this person?

Carl Daikeler said...

It was a mistake preparing a special MyBB announcement for later in the month. The design department left a test file live when the email server fires it's nightly blast. Sorry about that! (Good to verify that you will be one of the first to hear the MyBB member news though!)

Anonymous said...


Is your company the one that publishes the CPA exam review? How long have you been sending
your products through Innotrac?

Anonymous said...

I hope the announcement's about the new Turbo Jams!


Anonymous said...

Carl, Thank you for the partnership. Your team is one of the most dedicated, energetic, and focused group of professionals I have ever worked with. Hanson is on it! I am confident that this expansion in the midwest will result in very positive consumer experience with your company.
Chris @ Innotrac, Columbus Ohio.

Anonymous said...

what good is your blog if a person can't post their gripes! I am sure that not everyone is happy.