Friday, November 03, 2006

A Million Reasons To Get Fit In 2007

If you are a Beachbody success story, or even thinking about submitting your photos and story for consideration, this post is for you!

Let's imagine you were visiting the Beachbody headquarters in the next couple of weeks, and I see you in the hall while you admire the hundreds of customer before-and-after photos lining the walls...

Carl: "Welcome to Beachbody!"

You: "Nice to be here. I was just looking at all these people. Amazing!"

Carl: "You should be on these walls too. We're going to start adding eight a month at least."

You: "Eight new people a month? You think it's time for me to submit my success story to you guys, or should I wait until I'm done with

Carl: "You're a subscriber to the
MyBeachbody club right?"

You: "Of course."

Carl: "Starting January 1st we're going to choose a male and female MyBeachbody success story in four age groups, and pay $1,000 to six of them, and $10,000 to the BEST male and female submissions of the month!"

You: "Wait... You're picking the best eight in four different age groups, and giving ten grand to the best male and female submission each month? That's incredible!"

Carl: "But wait - here's where it gets really interesting: Once you win a monthly prize, you're automatically one of the finalists of the year in contention for the annual Grand Prize - $250,000 to the best male and female success stories of the year!

You: "A quarter of a million bucks?!"

Carl: "And it's called..."

You: "What?"

Carl: "Wait for it... "

You: "Tell me!"

"The Million Dollar Body Game!"

You: "The Million Dollar Body Game! So you're choosing eight winners a month, all who get at least $1,000, and the two best get $10,000. And all eight winners qualify for the annual $250,000? Just one person a year gets that, right?"

Carl: "No! $250,000 to the best male, and $250,000 to the best female success story. We're giving away over one million dollars a year! So based on how well you have done and your great story, I think you should submit your success story when the new submission system is launched at the end of December, and no later than JANUARY 1st. The submission process will be handled straight through your MyBeachbody member page -- no mail-in submissions will be accepted. Of course, of all the months, I imagine that this first one will get the fewest submissions because so few people will know about the game. But it doesn't matter if you don't submit yours by January first because you can submit every month as your results get better and better."

You: "Tell me more!"

Carl: "The Success Story contest is for MyBeachbody members only. In fact, as of the first we're going to change the name to the Million Dollar Body Club. But we also want to encourage everyone to participate. So you know how we've picked a few days a year to select someone in WOWY to win $300 bucks right?"

You: "Yeah a friend of mine won the last time you did that. I wish you did that more often."

Carl: "Starting Jan 1. we will be choosing someone at random every day from WOWY to win $300 in cash or prizes, just for entering their workout in WOWY! As long as they have a photo uploaded to their WOWY profile. Oh - but one day each week we'll give away $1,000 - THAT'S THE $1,000 WOWY MYSTERY DAY!"

You: "That way everyone gets motivated - That makes it more fun!"

Carl "What I enjoy most about being CEO of this business is seeing and celebrating customers who achieve their goals. And the more people who achieve real, visible transformations, the more customers we attract. Success Stories become walking billboards for us, and that's how everybody wins."

You: "I guess I better keep working out!"

Carl: "And make sure you are taking your photos. I cannot stress enough how important that is. And stay focused on your intent to succeed, because now you have the added incentive that, as of Jan 1, you could win ten thousands bucks, and get
yourself in the running for a quarter of a million bucks!"

You: "I can't wait to talk about this in my next chat. How will we submit our stories?"

Carl: "As soon as we turn the MyBeachbody club into the revamped Million Dollar Body club, your member page we'll have a Success Story submission button. So the before-and-after pictures plus your "about me" transformation story you feature there will get sent to the submission center. As long as you send your story on January 1st, you have a chance at the first round!"

You: "Do you have anything else up your sleeve?"

Carl: "Plenty. But I'll let you in on that in January."

The age groups we'll choose winners from are: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50+
MyBeachbody members shouldn't submit until you get more information.

Note: If you have already been acknowledged as a success story - YOU ARE STILL ELIGIBLE TO SUBMIT! Submissions will be accepted using the before/after photos and transformation stories which appear on your MyBeachbody member page. Those submissions will start being accepted around December 27th, and the first month deadline is January 1st.

PS: Turbo Jam ball workout video release announcement coming next week!


Anonymous said...

OMG...How cool is that?! You and your company just makes me want to cry! I wish more companies truly gave a hoot about their customers!

This in combination with your new delivery system truly illustrates that you listen to customers and are truly committed to our success!

Game on!


psyknife said...

Woohoo! Go Carl, go Carl!!!! :-)

Jen said...

WOW! That is yet another MAJOR news since I consider the new fulfillment facility to be MAJOR news already!

And you say there's more to come? :)

Way to go Beachbody! :)

Anonymous said...

WOWY!!!!! That's fantastic, Carl!!!! Just when I thought I couldn't get more impressed by Beachbody, you go and announce this!!! Amazing news!!!

Lori J

Anonymous said...

Carl - dude, you ROCK! I am going to bring on my Turbo pics. I have already lost 41 lbs.

I love that Beachbody is the only fitness company that I deal with and it is always 'willing' to move forward, actually listen to it's customers, bring challenges and make positive changes. It is a place for encouragement, support and houses just some of the best workouts ever! You just keep getting better.

Can't wait to order from the new fullfillment/shipping center as well.

Totally awesome news! Ohhh, this is going to be SOOOOO FUN!

In all things TURBO and friendship,


stephanie said...

Carl - ohhh man it's on baby! I've been needing some extra motivation - woo hoo! I'm all over this.....yeah baby!

steph aka stufaweni

irish_robbie said...


Dude you really have outdone yourself!
You guys honestly have given me personally WAY more than I EVER would have imagined and for that I will be eternally grateful! Something like this is such a generous GIFT you are offering now!!

For me, these prizes are just such an over the top extra and this REALLY sets you apart from other fitness related companies! It shows how much you care about your "community" and how much you're willing to give back to it! I am glad to be a member of your community!


Canadian~girl said...

Just amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing news!! I just posted to a p90x thread and said ALL Of us are success stories and MUST post in 07!

Thanks this is incredible news :)


moviefan said...

You have proven once again what an amazing company you have, and what an amazing person you are.

TuxBaby said...

Carl, I have no idea how you are pulling this one off- but that's WAAAAY cool! Not sure if I can submit though- my changes have been so minor (though they mean alot to me- and are big to me- the pictures don't show much).

Congrats on another way to fire everyone up!


littljen said...

Way cool!

psalm9567 said...


I'll jump on the "WOW" bandwagon!!! That's some serious $$$$$, but more than that, that's some serious MOTIVATION!!! Not the money, that's not it, but the feeling behind it!

YOU, JON, AND BEACHBODY WANT US TO SUCCEED!!! You want us as customers, not just for our money, but for our health and well-being! Like others have said, that's what sets you apart and what has granted you success in this business.

I love you guys for that! Have a great day, time for me to go crank out UML, my fave MS workout.


Dave40 said...

I never came here for any glory other than to improve my health for my wife and daughter. To live an extra day is all what it's about Brotha. I've been blessed with the X close to 150 days now and counting. I can not thank you Carl and all of Beachbody for my new attitude towards my health. Physically and Mentally, The X is my new religion. Every Day I receive my prize, the opportunity to live, love and be as healthy as I can, so I can share happiness to all my family and friends.
And the cool thing is I'm not alone in this thought! Look around it's everywhere on the forum.

Amanda said...

Oh boy Oh boy! You have no idea how excited I am to hear about this!!! I've been searching for my motivation factor. That one thing to get me ramped up again. Well, you've just provided me with that motivation.

I think I'll have to do a lot of work in order to be another success story but I'm so ready for the challenge!

You're the man Carl!!


HarleyGuy1 said...

WOW!!!! Now I gotta get some new pics and get em in. This is AWESOME and I think it is a great way to keep folks motivated.

aka HarleyGuy

Dick Comanzo said...

Carl, This news is SO exciting!! You guys Rock over there and I like the part where previous winers can still submit!

We need to reconnect soon! I won't make it for the Jan. submission, but come Feb.. look out!

Dick Comanzo

Michelle Howard said...

Here you have a company, BeachBody, that is ALREADY AMAZING then you go and make an incredible contest like this...KUDOS to you all!!

I can't wait to see all the amazing winners!!

Michelle Howard
BB member/coach

Anonymous said...

WOW!! All I can say is "bring it on"! I am so pumped now. I have yet to receive my Slim in 6 program but I've already started working out. What an incentive!! Who couldn't use some extra money? I've just started looking around this site it is by far THE BEST one! Thanks for the inspiration!

TurboMer said...

How awesome! Thanks so much- what a great incentive. I am down 72 pounds and counting- You, Chalene and EVERYONE has been so supportive of my journey-
Happy Holidays to you and your staff and family!
Meredith Gelfand

Rolf ( said...

Carl: thank you for once again being on the cutting edge of online and home fitness tools and information. You folks are class acts all the way.

This is going to give me the push I need to make my WOWY workouts regular, and to document my successes - and most of all MAKE the successes happen.

Brilliant move!

Anonymous said...

Carl, Thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to better themselves. I am truly grateful to have been watching that infomercial for P90 back in 2003, for it introduced me to a fantastic company. You and Beachbody have brought us so many great can we go wrong. AND now you guys come up with all this incentive to kick it up several notches!!! Thanks again. I've lost 23 lbs in 3 months with turbo jam.....YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

Heather Haile

Anonymous said...

I think this promo is great! But as a Canadian, I found out that I am not eligible for the prizes- no biggie, but I do believe that opening the contest to your northernly customers could greatly increase your client base. Just a thought... I do appreciate having access to the wowy gym, coach, and all that other fun stuff though- thanks for the great motivation!