Saturday, November 11, 2006

Plug Into Pure Humanity

If you are ever overwhelmed by the demands of work/family/life and want to plug into some perspective, find a way to witness humanity so pure and substantial that the pettiness of daily life falls away. That was my experience Thursday morning.

Scott Fifer brought a troupe of Tanzanian children, who are on a fundraising tour on behalf of their Tunahaki orphanage, to perform for the children of Juan Cabrillo Elementary school in Malibu.

300 Malibu kids were transported into reality by a group of kids who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. This was not an exposition of victims, but a celebration of what is possible when people focus on human dignity, and the potential of every single individual.

In return, these performers whose hardships we cannot begin to imagine were applauded and awed like rock stars.

The exchange of appreciation was so pure that it moved every teacher, administrator and parent that was lucky enough to see the smiles shared between these children. As Principal Barry Yates said, "We have just experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment."

The presence of Mason Bendewald and his documentary crew validated that what we had just experienced was indeed worth documenting.

Just based on the reaction of those gathered, I think both the African orphanage and this seaside school will share an active bond that will go far beyond this one performance.

Scott and his team are on their way to raising funds to build a safer and more acceptable orphanage for these children. And this morning was a powerful reminder that, as good as it feels to live a comfortable life, there is nothing more rewarding than that sense of real contribution to improving the lives of other people.

You can plug into that very same feeling right now, by clicking here, and helping Scott fulfill his quest of providing a better circumstance for these kids.

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TuxBaby said...

I bet watching those kids perform is the most amazing thing!

And to know that it was all for a good cause, makes it all the better.