Thursday, December 28, 2006


The beta site for the Million Dollar Body Game is alive, pretty much mostly.

With a ton of work, patience, and rework, by the Million Dollar Body team, they saw the project through to launch yesterday.

Today we are wrestling with the many surprises and glitches that happen when you fast track a technology overhaul like this.

It's actually a great week for it since so many people are away, eating, drinking, not thinking about fitness this week. And the pressure is on to get all the functions working as well.

But here's the real point: The Game IS ON! Get out your DVD's and meal planner and rev up your transformation! (And help other people achieve theirs!)

That means:

1) Make sure you surround yourself with support to workout in WOWY every day for your chance to win $300, or $1,000 on the WOWY mystery day. (Inviting people to workout is the best way to add a little pressure to yourself to "push play" instead of the snooze button!)

2) Club members, if your before and afters and success story is all in place on your profile page, make sure to submit it on January first 2007!!!! We're giving away $26,000 to the best transformation stories in four age groups, including $10,000 to the best male and female success stories of the month!

Like I said, a lot of the links are still being activated while the site is still in its "beta" format. But I can already tell you from the feedback this morning, people are excited to workout and play this game! It's on!

Don't forget to enter your success story by the end of the day January 1st!


LeahP said...

Carl I just had a question. How do you become a coach?

Carl Daikeler said...

By this weekend you should be able to click on the "Become a Coach" button, and follow the steps.

My phone will not stop ringing - Looks like people are as excited about this as I am!

Judi Finneran said...

Hi Carl!

This is too exciting. Did my first Power 90 workout yesterday and have three people scheduled with me today at 2:30. Question, since I am new, there will not be much difference in my before and after photos which will be about 4 days apart. Should I update both of them anyway to be eligible for the game?

Proud to be a Founding Coach,
Judi Finneran

Carl Daikeler said...

It's up to when/if you submit your success story Judy. I would suggest waiting at least a week, with your 7 day stats. So Feb might be the right month to submit your first 30 day for instance.

Great to have you aboard! Looking forward to seeing if you hit that goal we discussed!

Anonymous said...

Carl, why is Judi a founding coach when she just started Power 90?

Carl Daikeler said...

Judi was one of a handful of experienced networkers invited to help us balance the mix so Beachbody customers-coaches had support in the area of maximizing the business opportunity.

The great thing about Judi is, as many successes as she has had with network organizations, after meeting her I think her motivation is as much about the opportunity for real healthy weight loss as it is for the potential financial rewards.

We are approaching this to be a long term viable opportunity, but we can't do it alone. The concept of "Founding Coach" is not that meaningful in the long term. Anyone who gets on board in the next few months wil be considered a founder in my eyes. We have a couple hundred million people to help get active in this country alone. I think the first ten thousand coaches will all feel like true agents of change!

Anonymous said...

How come the Canadians are excluded from this new club?

Carl Daikeler said...

Canadians can be members of the club, but cannot participate as "Coaches" or the prizes yet.

The rules on network marketing and sweepstakes are different from country to country (some states too). Once we work out the details, we expect to open up the game and prize/club/coach benefits outside the US. It is a high priority!

Dave said...

Why did you choose to use Multi Levels in your Network of Coaches and Why does a coach have to reach Emerald Status before Beachbody will help them connect with new customers?
Also Can a customer change coaches down the road?

Carl Daikeler said...

By creating a tiered structure to the community, there is less pressure on one coach to help hundreds of people or for the technology alone to solve the problem. In this structure, more coaches have an incentive to directly help a handful of people, and in turn help them become coaches themselves. That way the actual support to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle is more "high touch", person to person. The premise is that fewer people will simply quit their programs with nobody noticing. Now, with a coach really focused on how you do, you're more likely to hear someone say "Hey, you can do this. It's what you said you wanted to achieve. How can I help you stay with it?"

As for the Emerald distinction, it's the same thing. Before someone starts getting referals to help people, they need to achieve a level of seriousness and commitment to the idea of educating people to become coaches.

When you REALLY look at it, the concept of our term "coach" is what's missing in fitness and weight loss today. We're bringing that element to life by empowering and rewarding people. So your job is not just to push play yourself (which is still one of the two critical components) but to help other people see the value of staying true to their choice to live a healthy lifestyle as well. (You notice I did not say "to convince people they should be living a healthy lifestyle... that is still the choice of the individual. Once someone raises their hand up and says "Ok. I am ready to take this more seriously now. What do I need to do?" That's where the coach's job begins.)

Anonymous said...

How can a "coach" who hasn't even finished any of the BB products help me, who's been working with them for over 2 years?

Carl Daikeler said...

Depends on what kind of help you need I suppose. Someone with over 2 yrs experience though could find a coach who has been with us for longer, or who might help you in your particular area of need. Or perhaps you don't need coaching at all (2 yrs is a good track record!) so maybe you should be a coach and help less experienced folks figure it out. I believe there will be a right fit for everyone, including loners who can simply do their thing. Everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

I notice alot of the new coaches are people who were formerly involved with Beachbody..for example, DickC, Ronnalynn, Doug Couch etc, that have not been involved in the message boards for at least 2 years or just seems that they had no interest in Beachbody, much less coaching or helping anyone until now, that they can stand to gain financially. I have seen a "recruiting" email from one such individual, and quite frankly, it was a joke. It reminded me of like having an old friend who never calls or contacts you unless they want something. I dont really have a question here, just an observation.

Carl Daikeler said...

Sounds like you don't need or want a coach. Just say no thanks, and who gets hurt?

The coaches you referenced are some of the best examples of success stories from our past based on what they have overcome and the attitude they have when confronted with challenge. That's the kind of open, forgiving, positive spirit I want to weave into this community. I suspect they contacted you because they recognize that you could be a good coach.

I appreciate your feedback and perspective, and hope you get involved to help steer this concept in a direction which does not make it a joke, but an inclusive system of support on a very micro person-person level. It's not gonna launch perfect. But we're not going to quit because it's not perfect either. We'll just keep trying stuff. We'll keep tracking to see what's working, and fix what isn't. And instead of Beachbody getting richer while the community grows, both Beachbody and the communuity that makes it special will share in revenue generated. That feels right to me.

Anonymous said...

It seems the focus of the success stories is on drastic transformations. I was already in good share and have gotten in great shape thanks to P90x, but my transformation is not so drastic. Is it true that folks in good shape to start have a severd disadvantage? I hope not.

Carl Daikeler said...

I think the success story winners will depend largely on what else is submitted in an age category that month, and of course what someone has done to achieve fitness. We're trying to motivate people that "it's possible", so it is more likely that people who take healthy steps and come the farthest (for the longest) would have an advantage in this contest of acknowledgment. But we will also add layers upon layers in the coming months and years, to celebrate many many different aspects of success.

Anonymous said...

Carl, I had a question. I've been on the boards for some time now, and have been a "coach" for several years. BB has inspired me to get certified and qualified to BE a true coach/leader/trainer and when this MDB came out, although I wasn't sure of WHAT it was I was HORRIFIED when the small title of "coach" I had, and had treasured (sounds corny but true) was taken from me because as an non-american I am excluded. I thrive on helping others, and I would have been a coach forever in here. I would have signed a waiver excluding myself from the contests or the prizes because to be honest they mean nothing to me. What means something to me is the fact that I've gotten my life back, I've gotten healthy and I've had the chance to help so many others. Now, I see coaches (some of them EXCELLENT successes of the past who have re-appeared to help you in this endeavor). I also see some top MLM people as coaches. Now as much as I, and others don't love the term "coach" because it implies that they can help people get fit (and they have less knowledge in that arena than most), I am positive that they are the true key to MDB's success. I do not understand the coaches I've seen though who not only have no experience in MLM, but also have had less than success with BB. The "on again, off again" folks.

I'm sure you have your reasons, whether its personality, monetary reasons or others why you picked each person, but I do believe that you, as the CEO of a company I have LOVED for years, need to know that outside the group of MDB Founders, all of the secrecy, half truths and omitions that have been fed to the masses really has left poor feelings.

It really saddens me because I really do love BB, and have seen MANY of the people I've met, grown to care about and considered MY inspirations leave simply because of WAY the whole new look has been rolled out. I know that is bound to happen with any change. But with SUCH a mass exodus, do you think that perhaps there might be a tiny glitch to the way things have started?

I'm still on the boards, but I'm lonely.

Anonymous said...

Any update about the Hip Hop abs release? Thanks


Carl Daikeler said...

First, thanks for taking the time to write all that. It's significant. Second, the very fact that we are having this dialogue is evidence to me that you are not alone -- Beachbody is emphasizing the concept of community more than ever. But cleary, it is a transition that will take time for us all to fully understand.

I am not aware of half-truths or misleading communication. It's hard enough just managing the reality, much less creating a false front.

I do know that contemplating this concept might create a ripple of reaction through the community in the first place, so I ran the idea by some key customer-leaders, people who truly do coach hundreds on the boards, and got enthusiastic support for the concept last summer. And my perspective is much different than yours, because I see how many prospective community members who never see the light of day. The slim percentage that really gets involved in the tools we use has been pitiful from my perspective. The customers who have used WOWY, the boards, and become coaches (even in our “light” use of the term) are awesome, and we love them. But it is very frustrating for me to see that, while we generated over a million new customers in the last twelve months, attendance in WOWY and on the boards is a small fraction of what it should be. Frankly, if you look at the numbers, the use of the community tools, while powerful for some, has never found it’s real traction with a compelling percentage of our customers. So to me, the “product” has never worked from a perspective of my goal of helping people achieve their goals.

That’s what this is about. And I love every customer who sticks around to see if we really do make it work, and really do improve the overall tone and impact of our products in people’s lives. And I respect every customer who says “nope, this is just not for me anymore.”

I hope that helps, and I hope we ultimately make you proud to be a part of the Million Dollar Body community.

Carl Daikeler said...

We should be making an announcement this week on the release of Hip Hop Abs!

Anonymous said...

Carl. I know YOU have the best intentions and I know many of your coaches do as well. Below is a direct quote from one of your founding coaches.

"Isn't fabulous to be at the very, very beginning of the next big thing? Imagine what it would have been like to be in at the start of Microsoft or even the first season of "The Biggest Loser". That is the power of what we have here. Why our team? Sure, you can join up with just any coach....why me? As a 13 year veteran of Direct Sales and Network Marketing I am committed to building an incredible team of successful Coach's. Along with my amazing upline support (who also have more then double my experience), my husband who is pushing play daily and the synergy of our new, excited team will bring we will make this opportunity EXPLODE!! With weekly training, extensive compensation plan knowledge and step by step support we are committed to your success. You have taken the steps to better health and fitness; let us help you build a Million Dollar Business!"

Is this the kind of portrayal MDB is looking to convey? Come join me and I'll make you rich like Bill Gates! Forget the workouts, the diet the core reasons why you're already here. I'll make you money.

This makes me fear for the survival of MDB.

Carl Daikeler said...

I love the spirit conveyed in that quote you pulled! You're inserting the "Forget the workouts, the diet, the core reasons why you're already here." I read that this coach even has her husband “pushing play” every day. That is not a small victory! That is an experienced network marketer who now gets it – that the fitness and diet aspect is the solution – NOT JUST A PILL OR POWDER – which is what every other MLM company I’ve investigated relies on for so-called health. Why can’t the spirit of win-win, health and profit, coexist? Why can’t the people like you who believe in Beachbody’s commitment to simplicity and consistency, profit from helping people achieve their own fitness and weight loss goals? With credit card debt, 2nd mortgages, and corporate downsizing, I cannot tell you how proud and excited I am that our healthy approach to eating and exercise will also represent a significant revenue opportunity for people!

Again I emphasize; if this coach’s approach is not for you. Say “no thanks” and find a coach that fits your style. Then participate by being PART OF THE SOLUTION by helping people see Beachbody and the products for how they can really make an impact!

This is a New Year, and I am working on a post to outline some things coming in 2007. I am putting my faith in the people who get it, and looking forward to celebrating people like you who get a check in the mail each week JUST FOR LENDING A SUPPORTING HAND to people who need the motivation to get going and proof that these programs work. This is your turn to be that proof and that encouragement to more people, and to benefit by it. That’s cool. It’s not simple. It’s not without community feedback. It’s not without constant attention to direction. But it is an exciting experiment which I believe can make millionaires out of people who see the possibility of teaching others how your own health can inspire others, and how inspiring others can help them inspire more. That’s how a trend of obesity can be stopped. That is the plan.

Y.H said...

I just wanted to send you a virtual hug. I think your are getting beat up here :(

I think with everything there is one thing that is true. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS AFRAID OF CHANGE..You are pushing them out of their"comfort zone". For many the 9 to 5 grind is what they are used to.

They don't realize that there is nothing wrong with actually doing something you love AND being compensated for it. I think you are offering an opportunity that is tremendous and very selfless of you.

YOU do not NOT have to offer any of us anything for that matter.

BeachBody is already successful.

What you have created is not a "pyramid Scheme" like some have stated. It is an opportunity to be compensated for something many of us are doing anyway.

I don't know how many BeachBody programs I have let other's borrow (never to be seen again :)which encouraged them to purchase there own sets or look into other BB programs.

You don't think twice when someone asks you if a particular movie is good,or resturant,or anything else.You give quickly give your opinion.You either inspire them to "Check it out" or you don't.

In Network Marketing,or viral marketing you get paid for that referral or you become "A Walking Advertisement Campaign".

All companies do this nothing "weird" or "schemey"about it except that they pay a BIG ADVERTISEMENT COMPANY instead of you..that cost them MILLIONS of dollars that goes right into the pocket of that ad. agency..

I know the road is rocky right now and again I want to applaude your vision. I am 100% on board :)

Carl Daikeler said...

Thanks for the support. Every one of these comments is likely a love note to what Beachbody has already meant to people. That is what is great about how much people care. I would never expect people to watch us change without further wanting to investigate how it will affect something they care deeply about. That is what I am so grateful for.

How many people would comment this passionately about McDonald's creating a referral program, or if your local gym gave you a fee to bring people in. I expect most wouldn't care, because they don't have an emotional connection with those businesses like they do with the programs and people that make Beachbody what it is. I do recognize, however, that this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for people who wonder where to channel their desire to REALLY make a healthy lifestyle a pervasive part of their lives. It's not about getting certified to be a personal trainer. We've got plenty of those. It's all about doing the work yourself, and then helping people stay consistent. That's what this is, and I am glad to share the opportunity to make that happen now with more than just our employees and shareholders.

It's bigger now, because people are truly accountable to helping themselves and helping their “neighbor”. The tools are all there (almost). Let the love begin.

Moodle said...

Hi Carl,

I just wanted to write to you, and say I really feel bad because I think you are totally taking a beating here.

People are very interesting. They have no problem dishing out 70 bucks for a program on a fitness website that is designed to entice them using all sorts of techniques, but the minute you pass potentially a little bit of that profit to a group of individuals all of the sudden it becomes a taboo thing. As though it makes a difference to sign up through a person or a website?? As though someone can't be rewarded and genuinely help people at the same time. Thats absurd, if that were the case noone would ever have a doctor!!

I just wanted to say I GET IT and think the idea is great!!! Yes it expands your business ( because less anyone be fooled that is what beachbody is: a business [ not a social experiment ], and generates more revenue but on the flip side it is a great opportunity for people to be rewarded for something they have been doing and already love doing. Beachbody has truly been a wonderful and lifechanging experience for me. If anything the new approach makes me want to be on top of my game even more and walk the talk so i can share the experience of being healthy, and fit with others, and if I can potentially be rewarded for that even better!! To love what you do, to help others and to possibly be rewarded by it is what makes America great!!

Thanks for the vision and the opportunity. There are alot of kinks to be worked out, but I'm sure in time, it will be a truly revolutionary idea and will far exceed your expectations. Don't let the naysayers frustrate you!!

2007 is the BRING IT year!!

psyknife said...

I just took most of my lunch break to read all of these questions and responses. GO YOU for your very insightful and helpful answers!
I know you are probably dealing with lots of negativity as well as lots of positive at the moment... as I'm seeing a mixture of it all over the boards. I'm hoping that those who are negative will start to see what good things this will bring to everyone... and hopefully it WILL bring more people out to join the great community!

Again I emphasize; if this coach’s approach is not for you. Say “no thanks” and find a coach that fits your style. Then participate by being PART OF THE SOLUTION by helping people see Beachbody and the products for how they can really make an impact!
This is what I'm trying to tell people. All of us coaches seem to be taking slightly different approaches to this, and I tell people that if someone is not for them to not use that person as a coach... even if that person who is not right is myself. We're all different people, with different personalities and different progress to date... but our main goal is all the same... to help Beachbody customers achieve their goals! I believe that everyone has the passion, and even the newbie coaches will be able to help other people because they will be taking their journey together!

I just know that I plan to keep doing what I am doing... and if more than I expect comes out of it, then good for me... but my main goal is to help others reach their goals and stick with it!

Beachbody has changed my life in so many ways and I am forever grateful to the company!



Anne said...

Hey Carl,
Just want to echo the words of support. Change is difficult. Some people will embrace it and others will run from it.
Over the past 5 years, I've lost track of and lost count of the people who have ordered P90 or P90X or supplements, just from our recommending Beachbody to them. One of the things that really excites me is the fact that now I can send them through my webpage, and I will know who all has ordered the programs. And I can check on them personally. I know there are those who never open the tapes after they recieve them, and it might just be a matter of someone dropping an email or a call and saying.. hey, did you get your workouts yet? Call me when they get there. I want to hear how your first workout goes.
It's going to raise my level of committment to those individuals beyond saying...hey, take a look at this program.
I talked to someone just this evening about MDB. Her response.."I need to get out my P90 tapes again." Bingo! Yes. And now she knows that I'm here if she has questions or needs help with that program. She didn't until tonight that I had done P90. Her question: "How can I be a coach if I'm just starting the program again."
I told her..share what you know. Share your experiences from day one. Share the struggles and the victories. That is what we do.
I'm not an expert. I'm not a trainer. I just love what I'm doing. And I love helping other people discover how great they can feel when they add exercise and clean eating to their lives.
Beachbody has always made it easy to get people interested in fitness. Top notch! MDB is going to do the same thing. But, it's going to encourage me to stay accountable to myself and my team members.
Very long post. Just wanted to shout out a 'Way to go!', Carl.

Anne D

TinaK said...


As a person who was immediately very pessimistic about what you were doing with MDB, I have to say, I am behind you 100%. I have already jumped in with my "founding coach" and have my downline ready!

I've been around BB for nearly a year and transformed my body with your programs and the accountability I found there. I think a lot of people are forgetting that YOU CAN SAY NO! No one is twisting any arms.

If I had a coach approach me with the above "technique" to get me to join, it would turn me off. It might be exactly what others need to hear. Personally, I'm not joining to make a fortune like "Bill Gates" but I wouldn't turn it down! I want to help people, my downline know that's why I'm joining (since I already do it with my church for free!)

I agree that you're taking an undeserved beating but most people DO shoot the messenger. I'd like to thank you for all that you do. If nothing else, people should thank you for your honesty on this blog! Most CEOs wouldn't even bother answering most comments!

Past Featured BB Member &
Proud Coach-to-be

Carl Daikeler said...

Where were you guys when I was getting the sand beat out of me in 7th grade?

Honestly, I appreciate both the support and the challenge. In this fire is where the steely resolve to help people is forged. I love it! And I love this community. And I know where our intent and heart is directed. Generally I thin we are all looking to achieve the same thing. (Certainly those who are only driven by profit will not be accepted for long.) So on these pages, MDB is the next step to seeing if we can solve the obesity riddle and help people in multiple ways. Who says you can't have it all? Who says we can't share a dream. I'm going for it. I am proud and humbled to have the help of everyone of you.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think Carl is getting beaten up here. He has a vision that he believes in, so he could respond to the less than enthusiastic responses to this change. I have a new found respect for him for allowing these comments on his blog and for responding to them. He could have ignored them, but didn't.

Thanks Carl!

Judy (cani)

Virginia said...

Just want to take a moment publically to say how proud I am to be a part of the changes happening here. You and BB and now MDB are a huge blessing in my life. I am already loving the more intimate relationship with folks I'll be coaching. Like Doug Couch I've had my days of thinking "If I have to say this even one more time ..." LOL Knowing I can pass on my knowledge and in turn watch it be passed on to others feels like winning a prize.

Sitting in on my first "founder's" call was a trip down memory lane as names were announced and I remembered the first times many of those people wandered into chat or posted messages. Sheesh I've been around here a long time!

I'm ecited too about sharing my fitness knowledge with the new business folks and soaking up all their knowledge in return. Fun times ahead!

Thanks for doing this.
Gin (aka THE Virginia LOL)

Traci said...

Anytime there is change, we as people get uncomfortable; from the time we're little kids. its COMFORTABLE to do things "the way we've always done them". I completely relate to that feeling.

I think its completely right for people to ask the hard questions with a spirit of respect, because otherwise we fall for anything; hook, line, and sinker. What withstands through the trial by fire are the true motives, best of intentions, and well thought out and implemented plans.

After the fire is an ember...Million Dollar Body will still be standing, and Carl will be smiling in the middle of many many changed people, proud of what his efforts and passion birthed! Its about more people being motivated to get healthy and fit, numbers down nationwide for obesity,(and internationally too - heck, lets go for BUST! :)) and a loyal group of people who've found his motives to be of the highest integrity.

I personally cant wait to see friends who've lost their "umph!" for workouts, revved up with that little carrot of the MDB Game and WOWY prizes dangling out there! :) Cuz once they get hooked on the BB workouts because of the game, prizes, and message board community, we all know that people don't leave for a lack of company integrity.

Business will be business, and for people who want to be a part of the business side of it - why not? What better company to be a part of, and to be proud of what you do every day? Who says work should be "the grind"? Look at Tony Horton - the guy practically weeps because he feels so blessed to get to make a living helping people improve their health and lives. The MAIN FOCUS IS, and will always be (and this part is up to us to be sure of it)....getting the word out there that getting fit and healthy is FUN and doable for the average person!! THREE CHEERS FOR THAT!! :)

I love Carl Daikeler for dedicating himself to improving others lives! I for one, am forever changed.... :)


Anonymous said...

This might not be the place to post but anynews if camps are going to be a part of the new MDB? HOPE HOPE HOPE! So much excitement generated from the AgentXers! Oh PLEASE say YES!

If you don't know you, when would the announcement be made?

Carl Daikeler said...

Once we get up to speed we expect to have "Fitness Festivals" featuring the products/trainers that participate in the Million Dollar Body game, and I think Tony is planning a couple camps of his own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl,

Since my name was brought up, I would like to reply. Since I haven’t been helping anyone for the last few years (anonymous) I would like to tell you about myself. Before I became a coach on BeachBody, I had spent about 17 years actually coaching. After I left BeachBody, when someone wasn’t trying to drive their car through me, or just falling down stairs, I spent a year in EMT school. That was after work and after coaching kids. During that time I volunteered to work in drug rehabs, Psychiatric wards, ER’s, and Homeless shelters. I did a small amount of time on a fire truck and an ambulance. My next stop was the police academy. I became a police officer. I spent my Easter standing with a shotgun on a suspect for 5 hours. SWAT was in back of me. Things don’t always end up positively. After a short time with the police department, I decided that I liked being proactive instead of reactive. Being able to make a difference in peoples lives, before it’s to late. I decided to go back to teaching, in which I hadn’t done in 8 years. I selected an at risk school to work at. That’s where I am now. The greatest kids in the world surround me.

I received an email a few months ago to come checkout a new BeachBody concept. No mention of monetary rewards. I really didn’t even get the gist of MDB, until I got home and my wife explained it to me.

I went, because BeachBody stuff works for me. The best I have felt in my life was when I was doing Power 90. Why did I stop posting on the BB. The repetitiveness was killing me. I was answering six hours of email a night. What I like about MDB, the format is setup to be much more coach friendly. It’s a new adventure. I like adventure. Helping people is a cool adventure.

When my friend, who I haven’t seen in years, comes knocking on my door and asks me if I want help, I don’t laugh. I don’t think, what does he want? I don’t understand that type of thinking, and I am no saint.

I placed myself under two other coaches because I wanted to be surrounded by people who I believed in. You have that choice also, if you decide to continue helping people. You can be a coach and not do the genealogy, if it bothers you that much. Sure some of the coaches don’t have a lot of experience but they may be great motivators. Sometimes that’s all people need to get started. Of course some will stink. If a coach loves BeachBody and the concept so much why don’t they signup to be a coach? Why wouldn’t you say I am going to do my best to make sure BeachBody is going to stay true to the cause. Why would you runaway from something that you love and believe is in danger of falling down? Why would you change? That’s like one of my ball players saying,” I don’t think the team is going to be good, so I am not going to tryout, but I love basketball”. I am not trying to ridicule you. I am just trying to understand you.

In the beginning there was me and a few others posting on BeachBody. I took on the name Coach because that’s what I did for a job. Later, they made everyone a coach. Someone came into my house and changed the furniture. I wasn’t jumping for joy. Coming back to these boards I am amazed at the results. I am amazed at the awesome coaches. I am amazed the house looks so good.

If you received an email from me it was because sometime, years ago, you had requested to be on my mailing list. You requested my help.

If you have any questions for me or want to just throw rocks, go ahead, I teach public school! You can contact me at

I wish you the best.


Coach Couch AKA Madmack AKA Coach

MDB Independent Fitness Coach