Saturday, August 04, 2007

Swimsuit Challenge - One Month To Go!

One month left to prepare your body (and your photo) for the Labor Day swimsuit challenge! I hope you continue to give it your best -- eat smart portions, push play everyday, and are really going for it! Then around Labor Day, we want to see as many new swimsuit photos submitted as your WOWY image (click on "Other Tools" in WOWY and at the bottom there are directions to upload the new photo) to fill WOWY up with with summer success!

Yesterday, I got to speak to the crowd of 270+ at Chalene Johnson's Turbo Camp, and based on the workout schedule they had for the next couple days, I am certain there will be some rapid "Beachbody progress" from that group. It was great to see so many of our coaches and customers at the event. Based on what I've heard so far, I am certain we will add even more coaches from this enthusiastic crew and see some swimsuit challenge success stories!

While you're at the swimsuit challenge, it's worth noting that MySpacer and MDB Coach Joey started his own new challenge as of August 6th which is pretty cool. "The 300 Challenge". He's challenging his team to do what it takes between now through Oct. 31st to get their Halloween costume ready -- their own bodies!

If you saw the movie (or the poster for) "300", you've seen how the main wardrobe in that films was a ripped set of abs... So in the next 90 days, Joey and his team are focused on the healthiest (and perhaps least expensive) Halloween costumes ever. Great idea Joey! THAT'S GREAT COACHING!

But for now it's still about the swimsuit challenge -- so keep pushing play -- and send your photos soon!

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Tina Klinesmith said...


You were great! And I think we lost about 20 lbs last weeked! YIKES! Did you give back the belt and socks? :)

Tina K.