Monday, October 22, 2007

Coaching Means "Support"

One of the questions I get more often than any is whether you need to be a fitness expert or nutritionist to be a Million Dollar Body coach. The answer is neither! All you need to do is (1) do the workouts so you are a good example of what's possible and (2) help others to stay engaged in their goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I got this great email from founding coach Anne Doval which really helps demonstrate how valuable the slightest nudge from an MDB coach can be, and how easy it can be to help someone make progress. Our coaches really are doing great things by supporting others!
Hey Carl,
Thanks for your time on the TeamMDB call tonight. I know you know that this is working, but here is just one example of someone I’ve emailed just once a month to check in…maybe offer a tip I’ve found in Tony’s mailbag... I never do anything amazing, I just check in with people. This particular customer only emailed me months ago, to see how to log in. I’ve had several emails just like this. Your coaching concept is making a difference.

>>ANNE!!! OMG so i've had these hip hop ab dvd's
sitting around my house (in the box they came in actually) for the LONGEST time and two nights ago i said let's try em.. I LOVE THEM!! i do them twice a day now and am already seeing results! it's so crazy! i wish i had started sooner! anyway thanks for keepin on top of me! Looking forward to hearing from you soon... Jen

>> I love the workout!!!! It is so much fun and time flies by so fast. I have been doing it consecutively for four days and I already feel lighter. Thank you so much for motivating me, I would never have done this without you.

>> “I shall stay in touch. Thank You SO Much! I'm sure this will make a huge difference in my life as well. It really makes a difference to have someone to "talk to" as well!”

Again, I’m not tooting my own horn here. I really honestly didn’t do anything other than just check in with them. It sounds like I’ve dispensed great tips and wisdom..alas.. All I did was say…"Hey, How are you doing?"

I wanted you to know that at least to some degree, more people are popping in their dvds who might not have otherwise.



Anonymous said...

Go Anne!! :)
The cool thing about Anne is her humility and genuine care to help. :) When you're talking with Anne, she doesnt "toot her own horn" ;) but wants to help in any way she can - and she's funny too! :)
I so appreciate her, and love that you've used her as an example of coaching. No bells and whistles; just a kind smile, a friendly hand, and selfless joy found in helping someone else discover what she's discovered with these programs! :D

LOVE YOU ANNE!! :) :) :)
I'm so proud to know you!!

TRACI (morrow) :D

cheznaz said...

Carl - lots of love to you and Tony Horton "my lord and master"! So, I am checking out your blog because one of your coaches, Anne Dovel has been exchanging emails with me after bumping into one of my post at one of the yahoo groups. I just wanted to say that she was gracious enough to invite me to join you on Friday's concall and I don't know man, I think I am going to get sucked in, to doing something amazing and wholesome here.

It's a huge vision you have Carl and all I can say to you is YOU CAN DO IT! I respect y'all so much since P90X whipped my chicago size big butt!

So I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you (beachbody) for bringing Tony Horton into my life through P90X. I just today, after visiting your blog learned about the new P90X+ being released soon and it looks scary man! Oh my gawd I love you people! Torture me why don't you!!!

Check out my blurb on Tony

Cheznaz (aka Phoebe)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl!

It's so great that you used Anne as an example of a coach who keeps in touch! She is such a jewel, and an inspiration to us on our Hip Hop Abs thread. She shares whatever she can whenever she can, and we LOVE her for it!

Thanks so much for all that YOU do to encourage us! And GO ANNE!! :)

Clarissa (misscmac)