Friday, October 05, 2007

P90X+ Sneak Peek

These two previews show how the work is coming along on the five new P90X+ DVD's, due this December. Jason Scheff's music is mixing in very well, and the editing is tight!

Get your Beachbody Pull-Up Bar set-up, because this new one is fun! The "7-Point Pull-Up" from "Upper Body Plus"... Who said pull-ups couldn't be interesting?

A new move that will soon be a favorite, Tony created the "Gladiator" as part of "Kenpo Cardio Plus", a DVD which will take the concept of Kenpo and turns it up a few notches.


Brad said...

Hey Carl,

Is the plan with P90X+ to be an addition to P90X in terms of a routine or is P90X+ going to have it's own 90 day fitness plan based on only the new workouts?

I've already got my request into my wife for Xmas!

Brad (MDB Coach, Bratler)

Carl Daikeler said...

P90X+ routines can either be worked into your P90X program to add more "confusion", or when you're done P90X you can craft another round from these routines.

Bottom line -- these will expand your library into the Oh-No-Zone.

William said...

One question as I am finishing my P90X (and absolutely love it) on Dec 30 and would like to get P90X+...not sure if you can give away what the program would look like before it's release.....but will there be a program and nutrition guide to follow as part of the program...I sure hope so