Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More P90X+

Here's more of the P90X+ sneak peeks!

Start the day with a little "Lara Lunge Crunch"... (named for our superstar VP of Development, Lara Ross)

And then show off with some "Spiderman Jumps"

We're still on track for December with these. I am hoping to meet holiday demand, but that timeline could be slipping while we see what the DVD programming timeline looks like (Not in our hands!) Meanwhile, get your body ready!


Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again! WOW!!! I can't wait!!! I'll just be finishing up the Round 2 of the "X" by then and will be ready for the "+"! Yeah!!! :)

Thanks Carl! :)

Lori J

Michelle D said...

I was at the Chicago MDB event and Mark ran us through some of the P90x+ workouts. They were great! I can hardly wait until they come out. Way to go Tony Horton and crew!