Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Day After The Super Bowl

I ran this concept on the blog in 2008, and I think it remains worth considering as Super Bowl Sunday approaches!

We all assume that New Year's Day is the day people kick off their new diets, and focus on losing the weight they've gained since Halloween launched the "60 day season of consumption".

Year after year, though, we have seen a spike of demand AFTER the Super Bowl. This year, that's Monday, Feb 7th... the day after the Super Bowl.

Consumption on Super Bowl Sunday can be as obscene as Thanksgiving. In terms of the saturated fat, sugar (from soda and alcohol) and the sheer duration of the media marathon, I would argue that throughout the country, the annual event can be the largest day of consuming "empty calories" of the entire year. Americans double their average daily snack food consumption on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the Snack Food Association. 7-Eleven claims a 20% increase in sales of antacid the day after the Super Bowl.
Which may explain why many people get more serious about losing the winter weight the day after the big game - rather than before.

That means it's another opportunity to get people prepared now for the next big event on the calendar AFTER the Super Bowl:

February 7th:
National "Before" Day!

We need to get people to commit now to the program they will start, and to understand that the last three months of abuse can be easily unwound by getting on Shakeology HD.

And then it's about taking those before photos and measurements. It's easier to blow off any weight loss program unless you have a photo of yourself in a swimsuit to show you your reality. And until you know what your waistline measurement is (measuring it two or three times, because you just can't believe the number) you won't truly be motivated to stay with the program.

This is when you realize, your jeans actually haven't been shrinking, you have been expanding into them.

Then the goal is simple: Commit to your program. Control your portions, drink the shake. And you (and your Super Bowl friends) will see results in the photos and measurements when you retake them every 30 days.

You can even add a layer of motivation on top of that "before" photo by considering it the first step of your entry into the Million Dollar Body Game.

Start now by lining up friends and family to kick-off their new programs the day after the biggest kick off of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carl,
I hear you about the big game eats, but I have to tell you I am 18 days into Power 90 and loving living lean and eating clean. So, I asked my wife to make some of her famous artichoke dip and pita bread. We'll make up a veggie tray too.

With this feeling of a fit beast of myself clawing to break out of this bloated droopy shell of a man I don't want to stray to far from tiers 1 and 2 especially not for 4 hours.

Maybe you guys could offer some tasty alternatives to the junk we normally eat for the big game.

I'll be finishing Power 90 April 1st, no really, and I hope to be able to buy P90X along with the chin up bar and heavier versabells. It's expensive to live well, and eat well, but the alternative is so much more costly.

Thanks for putting quality fitness with dramatic results within reach for those of us who can't afford a gym membership.

Tony (Papa TJ)