Friday, May 30, 2008

Ten Minute Trainer... Going Up!

If time is money, the Ten Minute Trainer program could be the best value in fitness. The synergy of "Super Stacking" is amazing, and anything that gets me results AND saves me time is worth its weight in gold!

You’re about to see proof of that all over TV as the Ten Minute Trainer goes into a full national rollout in the coming weeks. Not only will viewers continue to see Tony’s P90X infomercial for the hardcore intense folks, but for the working moms and busy people with no time, Ten Minute Trainer will begin airing on every major TV network and station. One trainer – two hit products on TV at once - Unprecedented!

The TV price of two payments of $39.95 is a great price with bands and cardio attachments included and all the bonuses – especially based on the demand we’ve seen for this program. Of course members of Team Beachbody save 10% and Coaches save 25%!

Look for the Ten Minute Trainer show on TV to see what's possible with Tony's Super Stacking training concept, and if you want to give these workouts a try, you'll find out how easy it is to stay consistent doing a couple routines a day. You will be impressed, and you will appreciate the extra time you have when you’re done!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had cable!!

"The 300"

Sandy said...

I enthusiastically started the program but found that I needed lighter-resistance bands -- which can't be purchased separately. Is the market of over-50 women who want to get back into shape and have money to spend wisely (in other words I don't care to purchase the whole band collection just to get a 10-lb band)really that unimportant to you? I guess I just have to use my old dumbbells until I get to the point where I can press the 15 or 20-lb bands. In the meantime, I think the rest of it is a great program. Thanks very much.

Carl Daikeler said...

I will look into that for sure. We very rarely sell just one band because people want to have set for just this reason -- so they have the surrounding tensions as they move through the program. But like I said, let me see what's going on in marketing!

Carl Daikeler said...

This is what I got back from marketing:

>> We do offer individual bands but nothing lighter than the pink band.

On, you can get to them from the Bands catalog page or drop down menu under "Resistance Bands--Individual",

On, they're on the first accessories page.

We've Cc'd operations to ask them to add the lightest band and to help with making them easier to find.

Anonymous said...

I would like to order the "10 Minute Trainer" product but have read many on-line comments about purchasers who have been overcharged or who have received additional products they did not order. How can I be sure that I will only receive the 10 Minute Trainer for the stated amount? I don't mean to sound distrusting but you know how the economy is right now - every penny counts!!

Carl Daikeler said...

I appreciate that question! Two things about that: (1) We had system issues during our growth which a few times triggered transactions that were wrong. It's complex, but something that we fixed 100% of the time once we found out it happened. Of course, the people who it happened to figured "what's this scam?" But 100% of the time, we have fixed billing mistakes. My family are customers. If this company was simply billing people randomly on purpose, that would mean I was taking from them too. Not cool. Would never, ever do it. (2) We just overhauled our order management system with a shiny new Oracle system. It cost millions (yes millions) of dollars and took two years to complete. It launched a couple weeks ago and solvd many of the patchwork fixes that had caused issues in the past.

So while we cannot erase the internet of negative feedback on past glitches, we can constantly improve (it's a core value at the company) and hope that our commitment to 100% satisfaction and track record with answering all customer inquiries by giving the customer the benefit of the doubt will give people the confidence to use our system to get fit and healthy.

Thanks for asking the question.