Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Do You Want?

Anyone who has read Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think And Grow Rich" or seen "The Secret" knows their underlying theme to getting what you want:

Focus your thought and action on a specific burning desire.

Mine is to build the Beachbody network to one million coaches and to help 100 million customers make health and fitness a priority in the next five years. I want to meet coaches who are financially independent wherever I go. I want to see a library of Beachbody training DVD's in homes all over the world. I want to hear people sharing tips on favorite workouts and see them making healthy food choices by habit and preference. 1 million coaches, 100 million customers.

What do YOU want? You want to be debt free? You want to quit your job? You want to look great in a swimsuit? What is your specific burning desire? What achievement could drive you to work harder, to turn off the TV, to wake up earlier, to eat better?

As we create new Beachbody training programs, coaching manuals, and as we develop marketing plans for the network and new products, the theme of "know why are you doing this" continues to be the primary theme: The people who are successful with the coaching business and/or a physical transformation are the ones who know what they want... they know their "why".

When discussing the financial potential of being a Beachbody coach and the weight loss potential of our programs, we can't make grand promises about potential outcome without stating the reality that "results vary" and that success follows consistent effort. The coaches who have bought big new houses and new cars or who have erased their personal debt are the ones who went at it with a specific focus on why it was worth it. The people who have gotten the most amazing results with P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam and Slim in 6 are the ones who knew their reason to stick with it, even when it was hard.

Here we are in the midst of a recession, and coaches are enjoying financial freedom for the first time in their lives. Despite a trend of obesity, our customers are getting into the best shape of their lives. Those who succeeded knew they wanted something specific, and went for it. Anyone who failed, failed because they had no reason NOT to quit. They weren't "bad" and they weren't weak, they simply forgot why they started in the first place, so they didn't lose anything by quitting.

You can have everything you want. Let me say that again for emphasis: YOU, can have everything that you want, if you take a moment and think of what it is, and document it. In the process of getting it, I promise you there will be challenges that confront your resolve. If you want something bad enough, nothing will get in your way, not even your prior habits or history.

Many people I talk to want to feel confident in their physical appearance. They want to be healthy, they want happy relationships, and they want complete financial freedom. It is expressed in different ways, but it usually comes down to those desires. When I hear people describe their wants, I can usually tell who is going to overcome their own fears and excuses to succeed.

We happen to be working in an area that is good for people in every way. The prices are reasonable. The benefits are completely healthy. The potential of higher self esteem, stronger health, compassionate community, and financial freedom is unrivaled. It has a price.

That price is a single-minded purpose and focused intent. As Michael Neimand said in a meeting the other day, "Nobody stumbles into success." I will have my success of one million coaches and 100 million customers. What's so exciting is, I will achieve mine by helping you achieve yours. You achieve yours by helping people you know achieve theirs.

But you need to take this first step; Find out what you want.

Answer that, and let's get started.


jesse perry said...

Oh, so true Mr. Daikeler, so true. I love your wisdom throughout -- and it's one of the reasons Beachbody has done so well. You're not in it for shallow reasons, but you have a deep understanding of how life works.

People all too often get caught up that they just need "more discipline" or need to beat themselves up until they do this goal... but it's always just a matter of defining WHY you want what you want. If you forget that, you lose your power. Everyone has immense amount of ability to be self-disciplined, and once we identify why we want something - we will naturally be propelled through all kinds of trouble to end up where we want to be.

Keep it up!!

Aaron said...


What a wonderful post, because you bring it down to what is REAL - no matter what the goal is. BURNING DESIRE is always the key to success!

I have read Think and Grow Rich twice, and it is the only book that I can honestly say changed my life. By focusing on what we want with all of our heart, all of our soul, and all of our resources, it is not possible to fail.

Can't wait to see the day when your goal of 1 Million Coaches comes true, Carl, and I know that it will, because YOU know the secret!


Anne Dovel said...

With you all the way, Carl! :)
Anne Dovel

ralph barbato said...

Carl: I wanted to single out someone in Customer Service: Meloni Nelson - what a great help!

This person needs to be recognized!