Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Manic Monday and Premier Tuesday

Now that we've "pimped out" the coach's online office with better tools to communicate with customers and downline coaches, I wanted to ask every coach to focus on generating WOWY workouts and coach sign-ups Monday August 4th and Tuesday the 5th.

MONDAY Aug 4th:
I have cleared my schedule for rallying the community and helping coaches!

1. I'll start the day with an "all-call" WOWY workout at 9AM ET/6AM PT. If you can be there, let's sweat! And invite everyone you can because the WOWY prize for Monday the 4th will be $1,000. So it's even more worthwhile to workout and get people signed-up to workout on the 4th!

2. The rest of the day Monday I will be at my desk jumping on calls with ANY coach who wants a "CEO-assist" to describe the Beachbody Coach opportunity. You can make an appointment for a 5-10 minute call between 11AM ET/8AM PT and 10PM ET/7PM PT by going to this sign-up tool and giving me a couple time options. Or if you don't know when you will have a prospect, you can just do your best to talk it up as often as possible Monday, and when you find someone with the right kind of desire and intent who recognizes the power of this opportunity, take the chance that the phone will be open and call me at 1(800) 806-0991 (The line will be live on Monday only). Kevin Sherman will be in stand-by to pick up any over-flow.

1. We'll do another "all-call" WOWY workout Tuesday August, 5th at 9AM ET/6AM PT

2. Then Tuesday night we hope every coach and their prospects will log into our brand new opportunity webinar which will help you and your customers find the desire to succeed. That will happen at the normal 9PM ET/6PM PT and run about 20 minutes. You can start inviting prospects to the webinar so we have a packed house.

Let's Fire Up The Back-Office!
What I hope will happen right now is that you will use the coach online office email tools to communicate with your customers and coaches. Tell them about the two WOWY events and to look into your back office to see which of your customers might be inclined to step up and become a coach if we got on the phone with them together on Monday or to tune into the opportunity webinar premier on Tuesday.

Let's heat up your desire to bring in the next wave of people who will help us carry this message of health and prosperity out there. People are hurting physically and financially. They are out of shape, and have forgotten what it feels like to feel good. For anyone who wants control of their health and earning potential, it's time to take action with a system that's proven.

I look forward to an exciting couple of days of productivity with your help and courage to get the word out!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME CARL! Thanks for doing this for us. I sent out my message today!

Anonymous said...

I'm signed up too! That video you have on the home page of our new back office is hysterical!!! I love your sense of humor!

Wendy said...

Carl, I am so PUMPED up about this. I was pumped up after meeting Tony Horton last weekend and now this! Thank you! We could really use your help! :)

Amanda said...

I am an East Coaster who will be well into her workday at 9:00a :( Can we have an East Coast Contingent who can start a WOWY workout at 6:00a EST?


Paul said...

This is great Carl any chance we could do this every once in a while...Unfortunitly I have to work a 12 hour shift mon and tue but I have someone in mind! Maybe I can set it up for my dinner break!

Paul Seymour

DavidJ said...

Hey everyone! I love Carl's idea and I'm there for the east coast! I'll be in WOWY at 6 AM with anyone! Screen name: DavidJ
See ya there!
David Daikeler
Proud brother of CEO Carl Daikeler

HippieChick said...

Another East Coaster here!! ;)

I will be half way thru my w/o by the time you all get there but I am SO in!

HippieChick representing Ro's Angels!

Charles Mui said...


I am excited to meet you I went to an in home meeting for beachbody on Friday night hosted by one of your best leaders Mark McDermott. He had about 20 guests in his georgous new house and did a very good presentation.

Talk to you Monday. Thanks for doing this. I have a feeling it is going to pay huge dividends.

Charles Mui
CEO Magnet Marketing Firm

Raghee Horner said...

Thank you Carl, I have to tell you...you're timing on this is absolutely PERFECT. Thanks for sharing your time and I am so looking forward to talking with you.

Anne said...

Have a great day, today Carl! :)
Loved the video in the back office. I really hope it's archived because it makes me laugh every time I watch it! :)

Anne Dovel

Raghee Horner said...

Hi Carl, the phone call was EXACTLY what I needed to get my plan moving forward - I appreciate your time and insight.

I will keep you updated on my progress and I can't say this enough, THANK YOU.

Raghee Horner
(the forex trader/author you spoke with)

Nina said...

thanks for the call C-Dawg, you shocked the heck out of me. :)