Thursday, July 03, 2008

The NEXT One-on-One?

Yesterday the world joined hands and globally celebrated the fiftieth birthday of uber-trainer to the stars, Mr. Tony Horton. And yet he is the one who gave us a gift:

The release of "One on One workouts" with Tony Horton.

If you want to see Tony at his best, most intense, and least scripted, you've got to subscribe to the One-on-One workouts.

What happens is, every so often Tony calls up his buddy Mason Bendewald (director of P90X, etc.) and says "Mace, I just got a bunch of new rock and roll from Jason*, and I came up with a killer routine. Get your butt over here and let's shoot it."

Mason walks in, rolls camera, and Tony goes into "Bring It" mode, one-on-one style. It's intense, with a new one released each month.

If you're a member of, subscribe online asap so you make sure to get the very first workout, Plyo Legs. (non-members can purchase here... but why wouldn't you want to be a member of the coolest fitness community on the planet?)

And for all 5 people who read this blog, here is the first ever sneak peak at the next routine just created to ship for month two (August). They're all going to be classics!

Who says you can't push the boundaries? Honestly... this job is getting more fun by the week!

*Jason Scheff, lead singer of Chicago


LORI J said...

Ordered it first thing this morning! Then this afternoon, I come here and get a cool preview for next month! I love this company! :) Thanks, Carl & Tony!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of the five? I ordered mine last night. I'm excited!! This is going to be awesome!!


Jeff Fuller said...

Well, I don't know who the other four people are.... heehee.

Anonymous said...

Make it 6. I'm new to this blog but SO looking forward to Tony's newest workouts. And one each month . . . cool.

Hey, I'd love it if Tony would make some audio workouts that I could bring along to the gym. His motivation in my ear as I do the cardio machines, or strength training would be great. He could also do a running workout.

Sterling said...

My order is in. Can't wait to get it. Check out my story that I sumitted this month to see how much you, Team BB, and Tony have completely changed my life! Thanks for all you do. -CoachSter

matt said...

yeah, i ordered mine as well...but why cant we pay for the whole year upfront like a magazine subscription?

i pay for a year of "Food and Wine" for example and i get a discount for paying for the whole year...some issues may be better than others, but I get to lock down my interest and connection with the company.

MelanieB said...

Now, Carl... I appear to be the 7th comment... so there are more than 5 people who read your blog. There's at least 7!!!! ;-)

One on One looks like a blast. I just got shipment notification for mine (YAY!).

Raghee Horner said...

I just finished my first workout with One on One...awesome! Probably one of my absolute favorite BeachBody workouts ever - and that's saying something! The sneak peak has me stoked for the next workout - thanks for sharing. I have to say that these workouts are coming at a perfect time for me...I have a Nov. goal date and this is really going to get me there.