Thursday, October 23, 2008

The P90X Cheerleaders

We're all aware that NFL players are using P90X to train, but now it appears that the ladies on the sidelines could step in and knock some heads if need be.

Jon Congdon got this signed 49ers Cheerleaders calendar, which features X-grad Amber on the cover (shot, as it turns out, on "Day 91" of her P90X journey)

Help me out here... Why are people still paying for gym memberships when you can get these kinds of results at home?


Jon said...


I was very nice to have met you last Saturday in Vegas. I am very excited about the prospects of energizing a teacher base to push the BB message. Kevin Sherman has been a big help in offering some guidance. I am putting together a team including a principal, physical therapist, teachers and school parents to help coordinate an effective message, and I think the website will be a big part. I look forward to helping to contribute to the BB fitness revolution.
Jon Kirwan

dianemary126 said...


I wish I can answer your question about gym memberships. I am getting better results with p90x at home then I ever would in a gym and I am not only saving am I saving money on a membership but also saving money on gas to get to and from the gym plus helping the environment by not driving those miles the 6 days a week I work out!

Hopefully when I get to Day 90, I will look like an NFL cheerleader! ;)