Friday, October 03, 2008

You Do The Sharing, We Do The Rest

An acquaintance asked me what she would have to do to be a Beachbody coach:

I said "Play, shake, and share."

She said; "Right, but what about running the business and all that stuff?"

I said: "For the price of a coach kit, here's what happens: We build a website for you, we take orders you get on your website and handle the inventory, billing, shipping, and customer service."

She said: "So what do I do?"

I said: "Play, shake and share... Use a fitness program that suits you, and replace at least one meal a day with a meal replacement shake. The results will be visible very fast and you can still eat the rest of your meals with real food, with the rest of the family. Share means to tell some people what you are doing every day via email, message boards, blogs, in the line at the grocery store. People you talk to will start see you're serious. They will see you drinking your shake. You tell them how easy it is to stay motivated because you're going deep on this one. And they will soon understand that the motivation to turn your weight loss into a profit is HELPING YOU STAY CONSISTENT."

She said: "How will that turn into income for me?"

I said: "We spend over $1 million a week advertising these products. Other network marketing companies don't do that. That means people you "share" with likely know about Turbo Jam, P90X, Ten Minute Trainer, etc. Tell them when they're ready to lose the weight they should buy them through you and join the club, and they will save 10% off the TV price. And to conquer the food problem, replace a meal a day with a substantial meal replacement shake. They might not buy today, but eventually they will see a product from Beachbody that sparks their interest, and they'll remember you were the one who made it sound easy. They'll want to buy from you and get the best price."

She said: "But how do I recruit other coaches?"

I said: "You've told my how frustrated you are that you can never stay with a program. When I asked you if having a money motivation attached to getting fit and eating right would help you stay with it, you said it would. We didn't talk about you getting rich, or buying a new car. We talked about how the slightest hint of an extra income would be that extra ingredient to help you exercise and eat better. And you told me you know a couple other people who could use an extra income and to lose twenty or so pounds. That is the start of an organization, and the path to also getting a couple customers from Beachbody."

She said: "You do the advertising. You set up the website. I don't have to buy a bunch of product to sell. And I don't have to ship it and bill people. I just follow your program to exercise, eat better, and talk to people about it. How can I be sure it will work?"

I said: "There's only one way this will work: If you do it. If you finally get consistent with Play, Shake and Share it will absolutely work. Our walls are lined with pictures of proof. But you have to want it seriously. This can't be another light foray into a lame "diet of the day". Once and for all, you have to want to do what works. Do you think you really want it?"

She said: "I so want to feel better about my body. And I need to find a way out of this debt."

I said: "What's the one thing standing in your way?"

She said: "Me?"

I said: "You can think about it. You can think about it some more. Or you can commit. The solution for your health and your income is right here. You pick the program, get the shake, and start to share it."

She said: "I do the sharing, Beachbody does the rest?"

I said: "Let's get started"

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Joey said...

This is great and i just shared this story with a whole bunch of people. Thank you and please continue to provide us with these amazing stories. They help.