Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's That Distant Sound?


That's the Beachbody cash register ringing, off in the distance, every time one of your friends or contacts sees one of our shows on TV and orders the product direct from us, instead of from you as a coach.


There goes another one of your contacts, buying from Beachbody, and another $20 commission that leaked out of your contact list.

How do you stop that leak, and turn those sales into your own loud, "Cha-ching"?

My suggestion is that you dust off your contact list today and send out emails, MySpace and Facebook bulletins and you get on the phone to talk to people; and say three important things:

(1) I am now getting in shape and helping people I know do the same as a Beachbody Coach, and my website is

(2) The next time you think about losing weight or you see a Beachbody product that you'd be interested in trying, please let me know so I can show you how to get the lowest price and get the fastest results.

(3) If you decide that you want to earn extra money like I am doing and help others, I can show you how easy it is to be a coach and we can build an income together!

"Cha-ching." "Cha-ching." "Cha-ching." P90X must be playing on CNBC. More of your friends are ordering - not from you.

I want them to order from you because you will help them get started and get the best results. You need to tell them those simple three things!

I know our fitness programs will get them in great shape. And if weight loss is the goal, you can show them how our Meal Replacement Shake is the best value and highest quality on the market compared to the awful cheap junk they sell at discount stores. Do the workouts (play), replace a meal a day to cut calories but maintain that metabolism (shake), and the results will happen. That's your message (share).

"Cha-ching." There goes another one. Why are you still reading this? You need to get the word out now.

The next time you are in the grocery store, at the PTA meeting, on the sidelines of soccer practice, pass out your business cards. Tell people those three things I outlined, and then keep reminding people. Tell them how it is working for you.

At some point this week, every one of the people you know will look at themselves in the mirror. They probably won't be too happy with what they see. You want them to remember you at that moment. When they see a Beachbody product (or any weight loss product on TV for that matter) you want them to think of those conversations or emails you sent them. The people you know are the people I want you to help!

"I'm ready" is what they'll say. They'll lose the weight, and you'll get "Cha-ching!"


Joey said...

This blog is AWESOME!!! Thank you Carl.

Joey said...

Great new video in the NEW back office Carl. Thanks for the updates.

Anne Dovel said...

This is the real blessing in being a Beachbody Coach. Seeing and helping those right around us transform their lives with Beachbody products..incredible.

And the 'cha-ching!' is a nice bonus for helping others!


ilovetosweat said...

Hi Carl,
Thank you so much for making things so simple! I also want to tell you how much I appreciated your new message on the coach's back office, explaining about the delays in the new product/infomercial launches. It makes me feel good to know that you care so much about us. Thanks!


Dani Morrison said...

Hi Carl,
I joined Team Beach Body 9/27/08 and have not had much sleep since! I am so excited about all of the opportunities it has to offer and the fact that I am jacked to lose weight! On the way home from the Tacoma Conference I came up with a slogan for me and my team (The X-Girls). The 4 F's: FITNESS FIRST FINANCIAL FOLLOWS. It works for me to concentrate on myself to be my own personal advertisement and the better I look the more selling I can do. Thank you for listening and can't wait for March!