Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Thought I'd Never See This

My sister Robin is in town with her family for spring break, and her 10 year old son Josef is notorious for picky eating, to the extreme. I'm talking about living on Lucky Charms, white bread, juice, pasta with tomato sauce (as long as there are no lumps), and sometimes a piece of cheese. I can't blame him, because I was the same way.

Today I went to the Shakeology website for some Greenberry recipe ideas to see if we could get him to consume something healthy, and decided to go with the "Sunrise". (I also added a raw egg and banana in there. I'm like the Iron Chef of shakes)

It was like one of those "Hey Mikey, he likes it" moments. Instead of looking at the green drink and saying "no way", Josef took a sip, smiled with what teeth he has, and kept sucking on that straw. My sister was almost teary to see him get real nutrition for a change. My daughter Ava saw his reaction and had to have her own. Feeding the kids a good lunch was NEVER this easy!

Shakeology continues to amaze me. The health benefits, the success stories, and the sheer enthusiasm people have for something that delivers all this nutrition in a package that tastes this good seems to have struck a chord. Even Chalene Johnson went off on the product in her blog the other day. Even vegetarian Tony Horton, who has professed a devotion to the health-junky's Kombucha (I can't even get this stuff up to my lips) wouldn't let the production team leave the house the other day unless they left behind the two bags of Shakeology they brought with them during a recent One-On-One shoot.

The revolution continues to gain momentum, fueled by the healthiest meal of the day!


Demi Eliese said...

Seriously I don't know life before Shakeology! I love the stuff, and I see it changing health, literally, right before my eyes. My dad is a diabetic and he has it every now and then when I give it to him. For the whole rest of the day, his blood sugar is stabalized (with the pin prick finger test). It's amazing. Thank you so much for producing such an amazing product, and for allowing me the opportunity to reach out to my clients through BB and give them such a 'gift.' It's not even about compensation anymore..it's just about seeing people get healthy-absolutely life changing stuff.

Christina said...

Our Shakeology order should be delivered tomorrow! I can't wait to try it and spread the word about it.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! My husband Jeremy and I are so excited to be Beachbody coaches and we look forward to helping others get healthy and reach their goals.

Jem09 said...

That is just SO cool! I've got my fiance drinking it now and he's definition of dairy is a chocolate milk shake. Now he has a Chocolate Shakeology instead :) I'm 3 weeks into drinking it daily and I'm down 2 more pounds without doing anything differently :)

Niki said...

I am in LOVE with my Shakeology and I am probably as picky as your nephew...though instead of the greenberry, I opted for chocolate and adding natural peanut butter makes it taste oh so yummy! I can't believe this stuff is actually good for me. I look forward to drinking it every morning before I get my workouts in! Thank you so much for this AWESOME product!

judy said...

carl!!! your gonna have to put these kids on the infomercial now...great stuff for sure..i have 4 kids so im going to have to try it on them..thanks