Friday, April 03, 2009

Heads Up In Atlanta!

In Sunday night's baseball season opener I am going to be torn between two teams: My hometown Phillies and the Atlanta Braves.

On one hand I'll be cheering the World Champs on to another great season, but on the other hand, I will want to see Atlanta's Matt Diaz light the place up because now he and I have something in common.

Here's what I read in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today about Atlanta's fielder Matt Diaz who lost 30 pounds in the off season... Guess how:

Braves Q&A with Matt Diaz
Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do you want to know what Brave fell for an infomercial? Read on about Matt Diaz...

Q. How did you lose 30 pounds this offseason?

A. I hate to admit it, but I did an infomercial. … My wife ordered P90X. I saw her doing her leg workout, and it was similar to stuff I did in rehab. I thought that’d be a good way to ease my way back into weightlifting. After a week you realize there’s no easing into that workout.

Q. You watch videos as you work out?

A. They send you 12 videos with 12 different workouts and a diet plan. If you want it, it gives you recipes for every meal, six meals a day …. We moved our kids upstairs out of the nursery and changed the nursery into a P90X room. We got a pull-up bar and dumbbells. … I’d do a P90X workout with my wife in the morning, a baseball workout in the afternoon and go jogging with my wife in the evening while dinner was crock-potting.

Beachbody Coaches should love it when people say "I hate to admit it" about doing our videos. That just shows you how timely the decision is to become a distributor of our programs. Most people are still programmed to think that schlepping to the gym or paying a personal trainer is the only "respectable" way to get in shape.

But as we add success story after success story and star upon star to our customer list, the tipping point is approaching, and the $18 Billion gym business will shift as 200 million overweight Americans realize they can get fast results right at home with the support of a community that is focused on people helping people get real results!

Thanks for being a part of the solution! Let's end the trend now Atlanta!

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Carl I work in Philadelphia for CBS sports and we are looking forward to this Sunday's game...kicking off the 2009 season. The city is amped for a repeat for our fighting phils!

ps: Two quick points. Is it possible to receive supplements, recovery drink and/or protein bars in a quicker time frame. I am in need of product. have a phone number on the site that is out of order(800. 227. 6071). I found it on the ordering page.