Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Ten Year Anniversary Beachbody!

Ten years ago today, our very first customer, Hope Putnam, ordered Great Abs Guaranteed to launch what has now become the $400+MM a year leader in finding an end to the trend of obesity.

To celebrate the ten year milestone, we sent this crystal trophy to the employees, investors, friends, and parents who helped us get things off the ground, and got the entire company together to make the occasion with an official announcement this morning.
To add to the excitement, in this week's IMS report, the company which tracks the most aired infomercials of the week, Beachbody had three shows of the top five - a first in our history!
Yet it feels like we're just getting started. We've really just found our momentum, with the Beachbody network redefining healthy peer support, P90X redefining fitness, and Shakeology redefining nutrition.
The last ten years have been exceptionally exciting. But we have a lot of work to do to achieve our potential... Our best is still ahead of us!


dianemary126 said...

Congrats on 10 years! With what a great, wonderful & genuine company Beachbody is, there is no doubt in my mind the company will be celebrating 10,000,000,000,000 more!!! =)

Anne Dovel said...

Congratulations Carl!

I told you many years ago..I'm Beachbody for life! :)
I meant it then..and I still mean it!

Anne Dovel

Jem09 said...

Happy 10 Year Anniversary! This company is truly amazing and my life has changed for the better because of it. It helped me lose 45pounds with its amazing program, I've gained so many friends and I'm working on becoming a very successful coach! Thanks Carl and congrats!


Timothy Carter said...

10's incredible to be a part of such a LIFE CHANGING company as Beachbody!

Congratulations Carl on having such amazing success...and just wait...we've only just begun! Watch what the next 10 years bring!


Coni said...

Congratulations Carl!! Your vision has truly become a reality and it is an honor to be a part of this one of a kind company. Beachbody rocks!!!!

Demi Eliese said...

Congratulations!! I expect Beachbody to go on forever and I can't even imagine how you must feel, the way it is taking off and IS fighting obesity every day. Thank YOU so much for bringing these amazing programs to so many people. It has changed my life in so many ways, I can't even imagine my life without it. So THANK YOU!!

Scott said...

Congratulations! You and the entire Beachbody family deserve all the success in the world. Thanks for quality products and for your commitment to helping people live healthy lives.

Here's to an even brighter future!

Kate said...

Congratulations Carl! Thank you so much for creating this fine company. You sell the only workouts that work for me. I'd be lost without Beachbody.

Richardsons of HV said...

Alright, I had to send you a comment today. I was watching another "Health Company's" presentation today where their CEO spoke. Their product promotes "health" and he did not look healthy at all! It made me proud (like a proud Mama) to be a part of Beachbody...a place where our CEO is a "Product of the Product". Thank you for your leadership! :)

DaveWard said...

Congratulations Carl. That's a great accomplishment. I can't believe we will be celebrating our six year anniversary with Beachbody next month. I can't wait to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary with you, and 999,999 other Coaches.


Mike Bent said...

Congratulations to you, Carl, and to all of the many fine people who have been a part of this remarkable company to date!

I am excited for our future and for the continued healthy impact we will have on millions of lives! Thank you for making this opportunity available for all of us who want to improve our lives physically and financially, and, most importantly, to help others do the same!

What a privilege it is to be a part of a company that is so creative, professional, impactful and one of integrity! You are the best!

Mike Bent

Anonymous said...

No doubt, ten years is just the beginning! And it keeps getting better and better! Thank you for allowing your customers to come along for the ride...

To Infinity... and Beyond!

Michael said...


That is awesome! You, Jon, Tony and the rest of the Beachbody gang have every right to be proud as can be. It's been very impressive to watch the company mature in the hyper-competitive DR market in what has to be the most challenging niche.

I think it's the combination of a superior team, outstanding products and fanatical customers that has created the perfect storm. No flim-flam gadgets or doo-hickeys; perhaps the next P90x infomercial should have one of the big pitchmen going through the transformation?

Kassandra Bragg said...

Congrats! Carl I just had to share this with you, I knew you'd get a kick out of it. It's from one of my customers:

No More Running/Sliding/Crossing on a Machine Like A Mouse

It's official. I am getting rid of my gym membership.

I use to love the gym. But, after getting Turbo Jam it doesn't have the same affect on me anymore. Ever since I started Turbo Jaming I am more to move my body in different ways easily, and able to do task that involve strength and moving in diff ways easily.

I refuse to go back to the gym and run for 30 minutes or slide for 30 minutes anymore.

When I went hiking to this waterfall last week in Hawaii I knew Turbo Jaming made that hike much much more easier than if I would have been doing the elliptical slider alone.

I had to use trees to pull myself up over certain rocks, stretch (like lunges) myself to to reach certain foot holds and all types of stuff. The body moving in many directions easily was all a testament to Turbo Jaming. The elliptical would have had me up a creek w/o a paddle.

I am canceling that service TODAY! And buying more Beach Body videos.

Happy Dance

Beachbody said...

Hi Karl! Congratulations! Beachbody programs are really great! You can also check out my site to know my own experiences as a Beachbody coach.