Saturday, May 23, 2009

People Who Inspire Me

We read about the extraordinary results people get with our programs all the time. Team Beachbody members can vote now on the latest batch of Beachbody success stories. You choose who gets the $10,000 this quarter in the newly formatted Million Dollar Body Game. (Voting ends Sunday!)

Aside from the contest, when it comes to extraordinary results, the testimonials I gravitate toward are the ones of triumph that exceed even my own expectations.

Coach Anne Dovel sent me another great one this week, which she got from Camille Lusk. Camille is “wheeliechick”, a new coach and the kind of inspiration that makes me want to ask everyone to ramp-up the decibel level and work harder to get the word out about what we are doing. EVERY DAY, EVERY CONVERSATION COUNTS!

Here's what Camille emailed to Anne:

"Hi Anne!

I have MS and am in a wheelchair. Due to numerous meds throughout the years my body stopped being hungry. At one point the doctors ran tests and found that my body digested about 3x's slower than a normal person would. That wasn't too alarming at the time but as the years wore on I found that I was probably only eating 600 calories a day at the most. My husband started doing P90x and we began looking at what I needed for calorie intake and I was floored! I began modifying moves for me and began feeling the results of my exercise but my appetite was still sluggish. I then found Shakeology! I love this stuff! We initially bought it to ensure I would at least get some nutrients in my body but after the first week I noticed my body was hungry! I now find that I need to eat 3 meals AND snacks to make it through the day. I have energy again, I think clearer after drinking it, and my mood is so much better. I am so thankful for Shakeology, I feel like I have found my youth again. Beachbody is truly in the business of changing people's lives and I'm thrilled that my family and I are along for the ride!"

I get to read this type of report every week. Each is a personal testament to healthy choices.

What's most important is that Camille would have never found this solution if not for a coach who introduced their family to Beachbody. And she would have never discovered what was possible for her if SHE hadn't investigated it further, and taken that leap of faith! So many people are convinced they have tried everything, and they have resolved themselves to their status quo. But we know better! We know that daily activity, good nutrition, and peer support can turn things around for someone who wants to lose a little weight, or even someone who is wheelchair bound looking for alternatives!

Shakeology was created to transcend hype, and to actually deliver the exceptional nutrition our bodies crave. And combined with our exercise programs, the healthy results are shocking. But it's so rare, and so hard to believe something really can deliver on what it promises, that it requires the passion of the Beachbody Network to share it.

Thank you Anne. Thank you Camille. And thank you Beachbody Network for not letting even a holiday weekend interrupt your important work of introducing people to a system of health and fitness that truly works.

Make this weekend worth "Memorializing" by stepping out of your comfort zone and getting the word out for an hour or two. This is the kind of weekend that separates the achievers from the coasters. Remind people they really can get healthy and help them understand they too can earn the wealth when the world catches on!


Demi Eliese said...

What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing!

Christina said...

This is so confirming to me that my husband and I made the right decision to join the Beachbody family. Thank you so much for caring and sharing!

Dan said...

Thank you for sharing my wife's story, Carl! She IS an AMAZING person!!

LisaErin82 said...

We all knew that the BeachBody Family is amazing--but thank you for confirming and reminding us of that--and thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience it!!

Mike Bent said...

Way to go Camille!

If someone were to ask me what the two key words are for building a successful Beachbody coaching business, my answer would be sharing and relationships. Anne consistently exemplifies this and her business reflects it. All three of you motivate and inspire me! Thanks for sharing!