Friday, May 29, 2009

Hip Hop Abs at work in Shinjuku

Shaun T is in Japan working with the distributor who is launching Hip Hop Abs into Japan for us this week. It's a media blitz that would have made the Beatles jealous.

Jumbotrons, outdoor stage shows, variety TV appearances, and of course, photo ops. And you have to check this video out. It features Hiromi Go (below), a Japanese pop star who loves the program.


Mike579 said...

Awesome! I hope Shaun T has a great time!

Kimberly Drever said...

Hey Carl, I have passed on to you a Lemonade Award cause you're inspiring! I hope you stop by to accept it. Kim

Jayel said...

Yup, I've seen Shaun's DVD set in the sports shops here. I hope he does well and opens a door for other Beachbody stuff over here.
Japanese kids love hip hop, the studios over here where they go to keep fit and dance are quite popular.

The only problem I can see for the product is that Billy Blanks released his DVD set here a year or so ago promising people they would lose 1 kg in week 1. Many people rushed to buy it and hardly any ever finished it because quite frankly it is not for beginners (the moves are fast paced and hard to pick up). I guess it was marketed badly but many people in Japan got burned and are probably more hesitant to buy fitness videos.